(also judgment esp. in AmE) noun
1 decision/opinion
balanced (esp. BrE)
impartial, independent, objective
personal, subjective
considered, informed

I don't have enough knowledge of the subject to make an informed judgment.


I hate having to make snap judgements.

definitive, final

I'll reserve final judgment until I've seen all six episodes.

form, make

It's difficult to form a judgement when you don't have all the facts.


Remember to be tactful when expressing a personal judgement.


This latest case confirms my earlier judgement.

come to, reach

It is too soon to reach any definitive judgement.

deliver, give, pass, pronounce, render

The inspector's function is not merely to pronounce judgement, but also to suggest improvements.

It's hard to render a judgement on what happened.

reserve, suspend, withhold

The court reserved judgement on the two appeals.

We'll withhold judgment until we know all the facts.

obtain, win

They obtained a judgement in their favour/favor.


They are trying to get the judgement reversed.

abide by
be based on

Our judgements must be based on our knowledge and experience.

in sb's judgement

What, in your judgement, would be the best way to deal with the problem?

judgement about

She must make her own judgement about when to go.

judgement against

The sacked workers won a judgement against the company.

judgement as to

Experience helps us to form judgements as to the best course of action in given circumstances.

judgement on

I'm not equipped to pass judgement on such matters.

judgement in sb's favour/favor

The court delivered a judgment in favour/favor of the defendant.

value judgement

These are not facts, they are value judgments.

2 decision making
fine (esp. BrE), good, shrewd, sound

Landing a plane requires fine judgement.

impartial, independent
impaired, poor
aesthetic, artistic, clinical, critical, editorial, ethical, moral, political, professional

She has a reputation for sound professional judgement.

display, show
rely on
respect, trust

He trusted his wife's judgement.

doubt, question

I don't think he's dishonest, but I question his judgement.

back (esp. BrE)

The company backed her judgement and implemented all her recommendations.

exercise, use
cloud, impair

His emotions may have clouded his editorial judgement.

colour/color, influence

He never allows any prejudices to influence his judgement.

sit in

He felt he had no right to sit in judgement on someone he had only just met.

call (= a situation where different people will reach different decisions according to their personal judgement)

Whether or not to prescribe an antibiotic in this case is a judgement call.

judgement about

You will need to exercise your own judgement about what clothes to wear.

judgement in

The speaker showed good judgement in his choice of topic.

an error of judgement

Accepting the gift was an error of judgement on the part of the party chairman.

a lack of judgement
a matter of judgement

How much money you should invest is a matter of judgement.

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