1 end an argument
amicably, peacefully

Hopes of settling the conflict peacefully are fading.

eventually, finally

The matter has not yet been finally settled.

out of court

The company has agreed to settle out of court (= come to an agreement without going to court).

attempt to, try to
agree to

I ran well but still had to settle for second.


After much deliberation, he finally settled on a fur rug.


After six months the company finally settled with the unions.

an attempt to settle sth
2 choose a permanent home

He has now settled permanently in London.

eventually, finally
decide to, intend to
be densely settled, be sparsely settled

a fertile area that was densely settled in early times

be ready to settle down

She felt she wasn't yet ready to settle down.

3 make sb/yourself comfortable
comfortably, happily, peacefully

He settled himself more comfortably in his chair.

quickly, soon
be unable to, cannot

Unable to settle, she trailed around the house all day.

He was anxious and couldn't settle.

allow sb to, let sb

She kept fussing around, refusing to let him settle.

help (to), help sb (to)

I took a pill to help settle my nerves.

settle down to do sth

Finally they settled down to watch an old movie.

settle in, settle into sth
happily, nicely

The kids settled happily into their new school.

quickly, soon

They prepared to settle in for the night.

Settle is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑calm, ↑dusk, ↑dust, ↑immigrant, ↑silence, ↑snow
Settle is used with these nouns as the object: ↑account, ↑affair, ↑argument, ↑bill, ↑case, ↑charge, ↑claim, ↑conflict, ↑controversy, ↑debate, ↑debt, ↑difference, ↑disagreement, ↑dispute, ↑estate, ↑feud, ↑frontier, ↑grievance, ↑issue, ↑litigation, ↑matter, ↑nerve, ↑problem, ↑quarrel, ↑question, ↑squabble, ↑stomach, ↑strike, ↑suit, ↑territory, ↑vendetta

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