1 physical outline
basic, simple

The children cut the paper into various simple shapes.

characteristic, distinctive, familiar, unique

I recognized the distinctive shape of a 747.

natural, normal
interesting, strange, unusual, weird

The desk was an awkward shape and wouldn't fit through the door.

geometric, geometrical
regular, symmetrical
asymmetrical, irregular
odd, random

tiles of random shape

solid, three-dimensional

She drew inspiration from organic shapes in the surrounding landscape.


Draw the desired shape onto white paper,

angular, circular, cone, conical, crescent, curved, cylindrical, diamond, dome, elliptical, elongated, hexagonal, oblong, oval, pyramid, rectangular, round, spherical, square, triangular, wedge
rounded, smooth
egg, heart, hourglass, pear, star, etc.

The bruise was a sort of mushroom shape.

L, V, etc.

The road forms an L shape.

blurred, ghostly, indistinct, shadowy, vague
huge, large, massive
black, dark, grey/gray

You can't change your natural body shape.

face, facial

Opt for a hairstyle to suit your face shape.

cut out, draw, make, trace

Fold the paper to make the shape of a cone.

First draw the rough shape of your chosen animal.

carve sth in, carve sth into, cut sth into, make sth in, produce sth in

a log carved into the shape of a fish

a cheese similar to Brie but produced in a different shape

come in, have

Tables come in various shapes.

assume, form, make, take on

Ordinary things assumed different shapes in the mist.

hold, keep, maintain, retain

These garments will retain their shape even with repeated washing.


The lens distorts shapes.

distinguish, make out, see

I could just make out the shapes of animals in the field.

appear, emerge, loom

Ghostly shapes loomed out of the fog.

shape for

the optimum shape for a plane

in the shape of

a doormat in the shape of a cat

all shapes and sizes

T-shirts come in all shapes and sizes.

People of all shapes and sizes work for our company.

circular, hexagonal, oblong, rectangular, etc. in shape

The island is roughly circular in shape.

2 structure/nature of sth
general, overall
alter, change, determine, influence

He did much to determine the shape of Asia's political map.


A wonderful idea began to take shape in her brain.


the words we use to give a shape to our feelings

the shape of things to come

This new system could be the shape of things to come.

in any shape or form (esp. BrE)

I can't stand insects in any shape or form.

3 good or bad condition
decent, excellent, fine, good, great
perfect, tip-top, top (esp. AmE)
bad, poor, rough (esp. AmE), terrible

After the night before, he was in rough shape.


He's 64, but he's in better physical shape than I am.


The company is in good financial shape.

shape for

to be in good shape for combat

get sb/sth into shape, knock sb/sth into shape (esp. BrE), lick sb/sth into shape (BrE), whip sb/sth into shape (esp. AmE)

Get your body into shape for the summer!

Leave the boy with me—I'll soon knock him into shape!

be in good, excellent, etc. shape

You are in pretty good shape for your age.

get in shape, get into shape

I need to get back into shape after the Christmas holiday.

keep in shape, stay in shape

She likes to stay in shape.

be out of shape
decisively, fundamentally, powerfully, profoundly

Memory can be profoundly shaped by subsequent experience.

actively, deliberately

actively shaping the history of their country

help (to)
continue to

The fictional Capone has continued to shape America's vision of the 1920s.


a crudely carved python shaped in a spiral


The dough is shaped into balls and fried.

be a factor in shaping sth, be a force in shaping sth

Work was an important factor in shaping their children's attitudes.

be important in shaping sth, be influential in shaping sth, have influence in shaping sth

The media had great influence in shaping public opinion.

have a hand in shaping sth, have a part in shaping sth, have a role in shaping sth, play a role in shaping sth

Economists had a direct hand in shaping government policy.

Money played a major role in shaping his decision.

the role that faith has played in shaping American society

be responsible for shaping sth

He was responsible for shaping my career.

Shape is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑influence
Shape is used with these nouns as the object: ↑attitude, ↑behaviour, ↑character, ↑clay, ↑course, ↑culture, ↑debate, ↑decision, ↑destiny, ↑development, ↑direction, ↑dough, ↑economy, ↑environment, ↑evolution, ↑expectation, ↑future, ↑idea, ↑identity, ↑landscape, ↑opinion, ↑perception, ↑personality, ↑policy, ↑politics, ↑practice, ↑preference, ↑society, ↑thinking, ↑understanding, ↑view, ↑world

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