1 part of sth that has been divided
bigger, greater, higher, large, the lion's, major, significant, substantial

The region receives a higher share of tax revenue than it raises.


a modest share of total exports

growing, increasing
5%, 10%, etc.

The wife owns an 80% share of their second home.


The government devotes a disproportionate share of the budget to military expenditure.

audience, market

to lose market share

to win market share

The supermarket giant has continued to gain market share.

get, have, receive, take

You should receive a large share of the profits.

Hospitals take the lion's share of the budget.

increase, reduce

Broadcast networks are losing share to cable networks.

be entitled to

She may be entitled to a share of his future earnings.


Everyone wants to claim their share of fame and fortune.

contribute, do

We must all do our share of the work.

share of

a reduced share of the vote

I accept my share of the blame.

do your share of sth, have your share of sth, see your share of sth

He had done his share of partying in college.

She has seen her share of suffering.

The industry has had its fair share of problems.

a share of the spoils (BrE)

She won a share of the spoils at the last competition.

2 in a company ⇨ See also ↑stock
ordinary (BrE)
preference (BrE), preferred (AmE)
penny (BrE)

The stock dividend would increase the company's outstanding shares to a total of 1 100 000.


The company's shares slumped 11%.

acquire, buy, get, invest in, purchase
have, hold (formal), own
dump (informal), sell
deal in, trade in

a new company dealing in US shares

float, issue

The company has issued four classes of shares.


The shares were trading at $1.10.

go up, rise

American shares rose 2.7% the next day.

price, value

Hong Kong share prices plunged.


the FTSE 100 share index

option, scheme (both BrE)

The Chief Executive's share option has earned him over £2 million.

transaction, transfer

The group recently announced a £300 m share buy-back.

issue, offer, offering, sale

A share issue has been launched to finance the restoration of the building.


allegations of illegal share dealings

share in

I have a few shares in the gas compny.

a class of shares
stocks and shares (BrE)

I have some money in stocks and shares.

the value of your shares

Will this affect the value of my shares?


knowledge that others cannot fully share


We shared the money equally between the three of us.

broadly, freely

an environment where information is freely shared

want to, would like to
be prepared to, be willing to

experienced teachers willing to share their expertise with others

be reluctant to
be forced to, have to
agree to
refuse to
let sb

She wished he would let her share his pain.


The patterns are shared among the potters.


Responsibility is shared between parents and teachers.


He shared in our enthusiasm for rowing.


She had to share a bedroom with her sister.

widely shared

These ideas are widely shared in the community.

Share is used with these nouns as the object: ↑affinity, ↑ancestor, ↑ancestry, ↑anecdote, ↑anxiety, ↑apartment, ↑appreciation, ↑bed, ↑bedroom, ↑belief, ↑bill, ↑birthday, ↑blame, ↑bond, ↑booty, ↑border, ↑bottle, ↑boundary, ↑burden, ↑cab, ↑characteristic, ↑common ground, ↑confidence, ↑connection, ↑conviction, ↑cost, ↑custody, ↑data, ↑descent, ↑desire, ↑detail, ↑disappointment, ↑duty, ↑embrace, ↑emotion, ↑enthusiasm, ↑experience, ↑expertise, ↑faith, ↑fascination, ↑fate, ↑feature, ↑feeling, ↑file, ↑flat, ↑food, ↑goal, ↑grief, ↑heritage, ↑honour, ↑hope, ↑house, ↑idea, ↑ideal, ↑identity, ↑ideology, ↑impression, ↑information, ↑insight, ↑instinct, ↑intelligence, ↑interest, ↑joke, ↑joy, ↑kiss, ↑knowledge, ↑laugh, ↑liking, ↑limelight, ↑load, ↑love, ↑memory, ↑misery, ↑misgivings, ↑money, ↑name, ↑needle, ↑news, ↑opinion, ↑optimism, ↑origin, ↑pain, ↑passion, ↑philosophy, ↑platform, ↑point of view, ↑power, ↑prize, ↑profit, ↑prosperity, ↑recipe, ↑recollection, ↑resource, ↑responsibility, ↑room, ↑scepticism, ↑screen, ↑secret, ↑sentiment, ↑similarity, ↑skill, ↑sorrow, ↑sovereignty, ↑space, ↑spoils, ↑spotlight, ↑stage, ↑story, ↑suffering, ↑suspicion, ↑syringe, ↑taste, ↑taxi, ↑tent, ↑thought, ↑tradition, ↑trait, ↑value, ↑view, ↑viewpoint, ↑vision, ↑wealth, ↑workload, ↑worry

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