1 not measuring much from one end to the other
be, look, seem
extremely, fairly, very, etc.
comparatively, relatively

a relatively short distance of 50 to 100 miles

2 not lasting a long time
be, feel, seem
become, get

The days are getting shorter and shorter.

make sth
keep sth

Do you mind if we keep the meeting short?

extremely, fairly, very, etc.
remarkably, surprisingly
comparatively, relatively

It was all over in a relatively short space of time.


The interview was mercifully short.


a young woman whose life was cut tragically short

3 not having enough of what is needed
be, look

Our team was one player short.

become, get

We're getting short of funds.

extremely, fairly, very, etc.

If space is very short, that door can be moved.

terribly, woefully

His performance was woefully short of conviction.

United looked terribly short of menace in attack.

a little, slightly, etc.

Mike was a little short of cash just then.

in short supply

Safe drinking water is in desperately short supply.

Short is used with these nouns: ↑account, ↑acquaintance, ↑address, ↑answer, ↑arm, ↑article, ↑ball, ↑bang, ↑bark, ↑beak, ↑bibliography, ↑biography, ↑blast, ↑break, ↑breath, ↑breather, ↑burst, ↑call, ↑career, ↑ceremony, ↑chase, ↑chat, ↑chimney, ↑circuit, ↑climb, ↑clip, ↑coat, ↑conversation, ↑cord, ↑corner, ↑corridor, ↑course, ↑crack, ↑cut, ↑delay, ↑description, ↑detour, ↑distance, ↑diversion, ↑document, ↑dress, ↑drive, ↑duration, ↑excerpt, ↑excursion, ↑extract, ↑fiction, ↑film, ↑flight, ↑fuse, ↑gap, ↑gasp, ↑grass, ↑guide, ↑hair, ↑haircut, ↑handle, ↑haul, ↑honeymoon, ↑illness, ↑interruption, ↑interval, ↑introduction, ↑journey, ↑labour, ↑laugh, ↑layover, ↑lease, ↑leg, ↑letter, ↑life, ↑lifetime, ↑limb, ↑line, ↑list, ↑man, ↑meeting, ↑memory, ↑message, ↑monologue, ↑month, ↑nail, ↑nap, ↑neck, ↑note, ↑notice, ↑odds, ↑order, ↑overview, ↑pants, ↑paragraph, ↑pass, ↑passage, ↑pause, ↑period, ↑piece, ↑poem, ↑prayer, ↑puff, ↑questionnaire, ↑résumé, ↑rally, ↑range, ↑ration, ↑recess, ↑recession, ↑reply, ↑report, ↑respite, ↑rest, ↑review, ↑ride, ↑route, ↑run, ↑section, ↑sentence, ↑sequence, ↑session, ↑shorts, ↑siesta, ↑silence, ↑sketch, ↑skirt, ↑sleep, ↑sleeve, ↑slope, ↑sock, ↑solo, ↑space, ↑span, ↑speech, ↑spell, ↑sprint, ↑statement, ↑stature, ↑stay, ↑stem, ↑stick, ↑stint, ↑stop, ↑story, ↑stretch, ↑stride, ↑strike, ↑stroke, ↑stroll, ↑summary, ↑sword, ↑syllable, ↑tail, ↑talk, ↑temper, ↑tenure, ↑term, ↑time, ↑trek, ↑trip, ↑trousers, ↑tunnel, ↑update, ↑vacation, ↑version, ↑visit, ↑vowel, ↑wait, ↑walk, ↑wall, ↑war, ↑wavelength, ↑way, ↑week, ↑while, ↑whistle, ↑wing, ↑year
Short is used with these verbs: ↑cut, ↑stop

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