1 CD, tape, etc.
best-selling, hit, smash
number-one, top-ten
debut, first
lead, lead-off (AmE)

‘Breathe’ is the lead-off single from the album.


Following the success of their breakthrough single, a follow-up is planned.

comeback (esp. BrE)

the classic comeback single from Take That

current, latest, new
dance, pop
catchy (informal)

Her catchy first single was a hit.


The radio stations play her new single several times a day.


The band has yet to record a hit single.

put out, release (sth as)

They put out a single in time for Christmas.

The band later released this album track as a single.

feature, include

Her new album features her single ‘Georgia Rain’.

come out
singles chart

number one in the singles chart

singles collection, singles compilation

a 19-track singles collection

single by

It was voted the best single by a solo artist.

single from

the new single from the band

2 singles in tennis
junior, men's, women's

I prefer playing singles to doubles.


She won the junior singles.

championship, final, match, tournament
champion, player
in the single

She decided not to play in the singles.

3 (BrE) ticket
buy, get

I got a single to Birmingham.

single to

A single to Stratford, please.

Single is used with these nouns: ↑adult, ↑bed, ↑bedroom, ↑bloom, ↑blow, ↑brandy, ↑bulb, ↑bullet, ↑burst, ↑carriageway, ↑category, ↑click, ↑combat, ↑copy, ↑cream, ↑crystal, ↑currency, ↑digit, ↑document, ↑dose, ↑drop, ↑duvet, ↑dwelling, ↑entity, ↑exception, ↑factor, ↑fare, ↑father, ↑figure, ↑focus, ↑friend, ↑garage, ↑girl, ↑individual, ↑instant, ↑item, ↑layer, ↑man, ↑market, ↑mattress, ↑molecule, ↑mother, ↑mum, ↑paragraph, ↑parent, ↑parenthood, ↑payment, ↑people, ↑person, ↑quote, ↑room, ↑row, ↑second, ↑sentence, ↑sheet, ↑shred, ↑soul, ↑source, ↑strand, ↑sweep, ↑syllable, ↑tear, ↑ticket, ↑track, ↑unit, ↑volume, ↑whisky, ↑whole, ↑woman, ↑year

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