big, enormous, great, huge, major, significant, tremendous
much-needed, welcome

The new factory will provide a much-needed boost to the local economy.

extra, unexpected
confidence, ego, financial, morale, psychological
energy, performance
give sb, provide (sb with)
get, receive
boost for

The Olympics provided a boost for Chinese products.

boost in

a big boost in sales

boost to

a boost to the economy

considerably, dramatically, greatly, significantly, substantially
help (to)

The new service helped boost profits by 10%.


The total was boosted to nearly $200 by donations from parents.

Boost is used with these nouns as the object: ↑appeal, ↑attendance, ↑budget, ↑career, ↑chance, ↑circulation, ↑confidence, ↑consumption, ↑demand, ↑dividend, ↑earnings, ↑economy, ↑effectiveness, ↑efficiency, ↑ego, ↑employment, ↑energy, ↑enrolment, ↑esteem, ↑export, ↑finance, ↑fortune, ↑fund, ↑funding, ↑growth, ↑hope, ↑image, ↑immunity, ↑import, ↑income, ↑intake, ↑investment, ↑level, ↑mood, ↑morale, ↑pay, ↑pension, ↑per cent, ↑performance, ↑popularity, ↑prestige, ↑price, ↑production, ↑productivity, ↑profile, ↑profit, ↑profitability, ↑prospect, ↑rating, ↑return, ↑revenue, ↑salary, ↑sale, ↑saving, ↑score, ↑self-confidence, ↑signal, ↑spending, ↑squad, ↑strength, ↑takings, ↑tourism, ↑trade, ↑traffic, ↑turnout, ↑turnover, ↑value

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