big, comfortable, convincing, decisive, easy, emphatic, handsome (esp. BrE), resounding, runaway (BrE)
excellent, fine, great, impressive
remarkable, shock (BrE), unexpected, upset (AmE)

People still talk about the famous win against Brazil.

last-gasp (BrE), narrow

An extra-time penalty gave Barcelona a last-gasp win over Chelsea.

overtime (AmE)
hard-earned (esp. BrE), hard-fought
come-from-behind (AmE)
deserved (BrE)
away, home (both BrE)

The team claimed a 6–3 away win over Middlethorpe.

back-to-back, consecutive, straight

The Red Sox opened the season with five straight wins.

five-point, two-goal, etc.
cup-final (in football/soccer), final-round, league, play-off, semi-final
Super Bowl™, World Series, etc.
Democrat, Labour, etc.
chalk up, claim, clinch (esp. BrE), earn, gain, get, have, notch, notch up, post (esp. AmE), pull out (esp. AmE), record, score

We've had three successive wins in the National League.

Torino notched up a 2–1 win at Lazio.

cruise to, romp to (esp. BrE)

Woods romped to a 12-shot win in the Open.

deserve, earn
give sb

His only big win came in the French Open ten years ago.

keep sb, lift sb, put sb, take sb

Williams's straight-sets win puts her through to the semi-final.

without a win

They've gone four games without a win.

win against, win over

Liverpool gained a thrilling 5–4 win over Glenavon.

comfortably (esp. BrE), convincingly, decisively, easily, handily (esp. AmE), hands down, handsomely (esp. BrE), outright

The French team won hands down.


She narrowly won the first race.

duly (BrE)

He duly won, but was then sidelined by a leg injury.

eventually, finally, ultimately
deserve to

We didn't deserve to win—we played very badly.

hope to, want to
be expected to, be tipped to (BrE), expect to

The actress is tipped to win an Oscar for her performance.

be in a position to, be likely to

He entered election day in a strong position to win.

have yet to

He has yet to win a major tournament.

go on to

The movie was an instant success and went on to win five Academy Awards.

be going to

Who do you think is going to win?

manage to
try and, try to

You have to try and win every race.

fail to

The far right party failed to win a single seat.

help (to), help sb (to)

qualities which help win business and motivate staff


They stand a good chance of winning against their league rivals.


I never win at tennis.


She won the race by 25 seconds.

be capable of winning (sth)

There are a lot of teams capable of winning the title.

be confident of winning (sth)

We're confident of winning the title this year.

a chance of winning (sth), a chance to win sth, an opportunity to win sth

the chance to win the trip of a lifetime

succeed in winning sth

He succeeded in winning their confidence.

have, know, etc. what it takes to win sth

Does he have what it takes to win the Tour?

win by a landslide, win in a landslide (AmE)

President Reagan won by a landslide.

win or lose
Win is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑gymnast, ↑jockey, ↑party, ↑side, ↑team
Win is used with these nouns as the object: ↑acceptance, ↑acclaim, ↑accolade, ↑acquittal, ↑admiration, ↑admirer, ↑affection, ↑appeal, ↑applause, ↑approval, ↑argument, ↑award, ↑backing, ↑ball, ↑battle, ↑bet, ↑bid, ↑bronze, ↑bursary, ↑case, ↑championship, ↑claim, ↑compensation, ↑competition, ↑concession, ↑confidence, ↑contest, ↑contract, ↑control, ↑convert, ↑conviction, ↑corner, ↑crown, ↑cup, ↑custody, ↑damage, ↑deal, ↑debate, ↑dispute, ↑district, ↑division, ↑election, ↑encounter, ↑endorsement, ↑event, ↑fame, ↑favour, ↑fight, ↑final, ↑fortune, ↑franchise, ↑freedom, ↑friend, ↑funding, ↑game, ↑glory, ↑gold, ↑goodwill, ↑heart, ↑heat, ↑honour, ↑independence, ↑injunction, ↑jackpot, ↑job, ↑judgement, ↑kudos, ↑league, ↑liberty, ↑licence, ↑lottery, ↑loyalty, ↑majority, ↑mandate, ↑marathon, ↑match, ↑medal, ↑meet, ↑nomination, ↑office, ↑order, ↑ovation, ↑passage, ↑penalty, ↑permission, ↑place, ↑point, ↑popularity, ↑praise, ↑presidency, ↑prize, ↑promotion, ↑quiz, ↑race, ↑raffle, ↑rally, ↑recognition, ↑referendum, ↑relay, ↑representation, ↑reprieve, ↑reputation, ↑respect, ↑review, ↑role, ↑round, ↑scholarship, ↑seat, ↑selection, ↑series, ↑set, ↑settlement, ↑silver, ↑single, ↑sponsorship, ↑state, ↑struggle, ↑suit, ↑support, ↑sympathy, ↑tender, ↑term, ↑title, ↑toss, ↑total, ↑tournament, ↑trophy, ↑trust, ↑victory, ↑vote, ↑war

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