extremely, fairly, very, etc.
reasonably, relatively
enough, sufficiently

He questioned whether the curriculum was broad enough in scope.

overly (esp. AmE)

His job gave him an acquaintance with an unusually broad spectrum of society.

Broad is used with these nouns: ↑accent, ↑acceptance, ↑agenda, ↑agreement, ↑aim, ↑alliance, ↑appeal, ↑arc, ↑area, ↑array, ↑aspect, ↑assessment, ↑audience, ↑avenue, ↑back, ↑background, ↑base, ↑bean, ↑belt, ↑boulevard, ↑brim, ↑brow, ↑category, ↑chest, ↑classification, ↑clientele, ↑coalition, ↑comparison, ↑concept, ↑conception, ↑connotation, ↑consensus, ↑constituency, ↑context, ↑correlation, ↑cross section, ↑curriculum, ↑daylight, ↑definition, ↑difference, ↑discretion, ↑discussion, ↑distinction, ↑distribution, ↑division, ↑expanse, ↑focus, ↑forehead, ↑framework, ↑gauge, ↑generalization, ↑grin, ↑guideline, ↑heading, ↑hint, ↑implication, ↑indication, ↑interest, ↑interpretation, ↑jump, ↑knowledge, ↑latitude, ↑leaf, ↑line, ↑mandate, ↑market, ↑measure, ↑mix, ↑objective, ↑outline, ↑outlook, ↑overview, ↑picture, ↑plateau, ↑principle, ↑programme, ↑range, ↑recommendation, ↑reform, ↑repertoire, ↑representation, ↑river, ↑road, ↑scope, ↑selection, ↑sense, ↑set, ↑shoulder, ↑similarity, ↑smile, ↑span, ↑spectrum, ↑staircase, ↑strap, ↑strategy, ↑street, ↑stripe, ↑stroke, ↑support, ↑survey, ↑sweep, ↑tendency, ↑term, ↑theme, ↑thrust, ↑topic, ↑type, ↑umbrella, ↑understanding, ↑valley, ↑variety, ↑view, ↑vision, ↑welcome, ↑wing, ↑wink

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