1 act of catching sth
awesome (AmE), brilliant, good, nice, spectacular
clean (esp. BrE)
difficult, tough
game-winning (AmE)
acrobatic, diving, one-handed, running
slip (in cricket)
touchdown (in American football)
fair, legal (both AmE)
get (esp. AmE), make (AmE), take (BrE)

Roger made some brilliant catches at today's game.

drop, miss
2 number of fish that sb has caught
big, good, huge, large, record

Fishermen have been landing record catches this season.

poor (BrE), small
annual, total
land, make
decline, fall

Catches fell because of the new dam.

go up, increase
catch of

a huge catch of tuna

the catch of the day, the day's catch

a restaurant where you can sample the day's catch

3 device for fastening sth
door, window

the safety catch on a gun

release, undo, unfasten

Fran released the catch on the door, then turned to say goodbye.

Catch is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑camera, ↑cat, ↑ear, ↑engine, ↑eye, ↑fisherman, ↑foot, ↑hand, ↑light, ↑lion, ↑owl, ↑police, ↑sob, ↑spider, ↑sun, ↑voice
Catch is used with these nouns as the object: ↑arm, ↑attention, ↑balance, ↑ball, ↑baseball, ↑blow, ↑boat, ↑bouquet, ↑breath, ↑bug, ↑burglar, ↑bus, ↑cab, ↑chill, ↑cholera, ↑cold, ↑cough, ↑criminal, ↑crook, ↑culprit, ↑diphtheria, ↑disease, ↑drift, ↑drip, ↑edge, ↑elbow, ↑end, ↑episode, ↑error, ↑expression, ↑eye, ↑ferry, ↑fever, ↑fire, ↑fish, ↑flash, ↑flicker, ↑flight, ↑flu, ↑fly, ↑football, ↑fugitive, ↑gaze, ↑gist, ↑glance, ↑glimpse, ↑glint, ↑heel, ↑herring, ↑hint, ↑hold, ↑illness, ↑imagination, ↑infection, ↑influenza, ↑interest, ↑intruder, ↑killer, ↑kip, ↑lifeline, ↑look, ↑malaria, ↑measles, ↑meningitis, ↑mood, ↑mouse, ↑movie, ↑murderer, ↑name, ↑news, ↑notice, ↑pass, ↑plane, ↑pneumonia, ↑rabbit, ↑ray, ↑reflection, ↑ride, ↑robber, ↑salmon, ↑sarcasm, ↑scent, ↑showing, ↑shuttle, ↑sight, ↑sleep, ↑smallpox, ↑smell, ↑snatch, ↑snippet, ↑sun, ↑suspect, ↑taxi, ↑thief, ↑tide, ↑train, ↑tram, ↑trolley, ↑trout, ↑tube, ↑villain, ↑virus, ↑wave, ↑whiff

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