catastrophic, considerable, dramatic, drastic, large, major, marked, massive, serious, severe, significant, substantial
precipitous, sharp, steep
rapid, sudden
gentle, modest, slight
gradual, slow
continuing, progressive, steady, sustained

a steady decline in manufacturing

general, long-term, overall
absolute, inevitable, inexorable, irreversible, terminal

an industry in terminal decline

economic, industrial, moral, political, urban

the moral decline of the nation

mental, physical
population, price
experience, fall into, go into, suffer

The cloth trade went into gradual decline.

cause, lead to

The increased price of gold led to the decline of his business.

arrest, halt, stem, stop

We must halt this decline in standards.

accelerate, hasten
see, witness

We have seen a sharp decline in educational standards over recent years.


They lament the decline of old-fashioned communities.


Most of the decline occurred in the 1990s.

in decline

The industry is still in decline.

on the decline

His career has been on the decline for some years now.

decline in

a steep decline in sales

decline of

the decline of small farming communities

the decline and fall of sth

the decline and fall of a great civilization

1 become smaller/weaker
considerably, dramatically, drastically, markedly, sharply, significantly, steeply, substantially

The economy has declined sharply in recent years.

a little, slightly, etc.
fast, quickly, rapidly

The market for these products is declining fast.

gradually, slowly

Profits declined by 6% this year.

from, to

The number of full-time staff has declined from 300 to just 50.

decline in importance, numbers, size, etc.

This section of the market has slowly declined in importance.

2 refuse
politely, respectfully
Decline is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑asset, ↑attendance, ↑catch, ↑confidence, ↑consumption, ↑demand, ↑density, ↑economy, ↑employment, ↑enrolment, ↑fortune, ↑income, ↑index, ↑industry, ↑inequality, ↑investment, ↑market, ↑morale, ↑number, ↑percentage, ↑popularity, ↑population, ↑productivity, ↑profit, ↑proportion, ↑rate, ↑receipt, ↑return, ↑sale, ↑size, ↑standing, ↑stock, ↑strength, ↑tourism, ↑trade, ↑unemployment, ↑value, ↑yield
Decline is used with these nouns as the object: ↑comment, ↑invitation, ↑noun, ↑offer, ↑participation, ↑per cent, ↑point, ↑request

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