noun (esp. BrE)
goalless, scoreless
one-all, three-three, etc.
creditable, honorable
consecutive, successive

Hull City were held to a second successive draw.

end in

The game ended in a two-all draw.

earn, get, secure, snatch
force, hold sb to

San Marino held them to a goalless draw.

draw against, draw with

their 1–1 draw with United

1 make pictures
accurately, beautifully, carefully, clearly, well

a beautifully drawn picture

He draws very well.

badly, crudely, quickly, roughly

a crudely drawn child's face

2 pull
half, partly

The blinds were partly drawn.


She drew back the curtains and let the sunlight in.

aside, to one side

I tried to draw him aside so I could talk to him in private.


He approached her but she drew away.


She sat with her legs drawn up on the sofa.


The ducts draw out stale air.

together (figurative)

The project enables students to draw together their skills and experience.


We drew names randomly out of a hat.


She drew me onto the balcony

out of

He drew the cork out of the bottle.


I drew my chair up to the fire.

3 attract
inevitably, inexorably, irresistibly

Her gaze was drawn irresistibly to the scene outside.


Animals are instinctively drawn to those who like them.


He was increasingly drawn to the idea of making short films.


The plan has drawn interest from local businessmen.


We asked the surfing champion what first drew him to the sport.

draw on/upon sth

The novelist draws heavily on her personal experiences.

draw sth up
professionally, properly

Make sure the contract is properly drawn up.

Draw is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑artist, ↑chimney, ↑footstep
Draw is used with these nouns as the object: ↑admiration, ↑analogy, ↑angle, ↑applause, ↑arrow, ↑attention, ↑audience, ↑bath, ↑baton, ↑beer, ↑benefit, ↑blade, ↑blind, ↑blood, ↑border, ↑boundary, ↑bow, ↑breath, ↑caricature, ↑cart, ↑cartoon, ↑character, ↑cheque, ↑chuckle, ↑circle, ↑cloak, ↑comfort, ↑comment, ↑comparison, ↑conclusion, ↑condemnation, ↑connection, ↑consolation, ↑contrast, ↑criticism, ↑cross, ↑crowd, ↑curtain, ↑customer, ↑dagger, ↑diagram, ↑distinction, ↑district, ↑dole, ↑drape, ↑encouragement, ↑example, ↑finger, ↑fire, ↑foul, ↑game, ↑glance, ↑graph, ↑gun, ↑idea, ↑immigrant, ↑implication, ↑inference, ↑inspiration, ↑interest, ↑knife, ↑laugh, ↑laughter, ↑lesson, ↑likeness, ↑line, ↑map, ↑match, ↑moisture, ↑moral, ↑nourishment, ↑opposition, ↑outline, ↑parallel, ↑pension, ↑picture, ↑pint, ↑pistol, ↑plan, ↑plough, ↑portrait, ↑praise, ↑raffle, ↑rebuke, ↑response, ↑retort, ↑revolver, ↑salary, ↑sample, ↑shade, ↑shape, ↑shawl, ↑shopper, ↑sign, ↑sketch, ↑spectator, ↑strength, ↑support, ↑suspicion, ↑sword, ↑tourist, ↑traffic, ↑triangle, ↑truncheon, ↑veil, ↑viewer, ↑visitor, ↑wagon, ↑weapon, ↑wrath

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