be, feel, seem
extremely, fairly, very, etc.

You're here awfully early, aren't you?

a little, slightly, etc.

I'm sorry I'm a little early.

surprisingly, unusually

These discoveries were made at a surprisingly early date.


I have to get up ridiculously early.


It's a little early for lunch.


He discovered these pleasures early in life.

Early is used with these nouns: ↑abortion, ↑adolescence, ↑adulthood, ↑afternoon, ↑age, ↑ancestor, ↑arrival, ↑association, ↑autumn, ↑booking, ↑breakfast, ↑childhood, ↑Christianity, ↑church, ↑civilization, ↑completion, ↑crop, ↑dawn, ↑day, ↑death, ↑decade, ↑demise, ↑departure, ↑detection, ↑diagnosis, ↑dinner, ↑discharge, ↑draft, ↑Easter, ↑edition, ↑election, ↑embryo, ↑emergence, ↑encounter, ↑end, ↑English, ↑enthusiasm, ↑entrant, ↑epoch, ↑estimate, ↑euphoria, ↑evening, ↑evolution, ↑exit, ↑experience, ↑experiment, ↑explorer, ↑exponent, ↑fall, ↑favourite, ↑feminist, ↑finding, ↑flight, ↑forecast, ↑forerunner, ↑form, ↑frost, ↑grave, ↑hint, ↑history, ↑hope, ↑hour, ↑identification, ↑implementation, ↑impression, ↑indication, ↑infancy, ↑influence, ↑inhabitant, ↑intervention, ↑introduction, ↑lead, ↑leader, ↑learning, ↑life, ↑light, ↑lunch, ↑mammal, ↑man, ↑manhood, ↑manifestation, ↑manuscript, ↑marriage, ↑martyr, ↑memory, ↑menopause, ↑middle age, ↑miscarriage, ↑month, ↑morning, ↑mortality, ↑music, ↑night, ↑observation, ↑onset, ↑optimism, ↑origin, ↑painting, ↑parole, ↑part, ↑payment, ↑penalty, ↑period, ↑phase, ↑photograph, ↑pioneer, ↑pregnancy, ↑promise, ↑prototype, ↑recognition, ↑record, ↑recording, ↑reference, ↑release, ↑repayment, ↑reply, ↑report, ↑researcher, ↑resolution, ↑result, ↑retirement, ↑return, ↑round, ↑session, ↑setback, ↑settlement, ↑settler, ↑shift, ↑sign, ↑skirmish, ↑spring, ↑stage, ↑start, ↑success, ↑summer, ↑sun, ↑supper, ↑teens, ↑termination, ↑time, ↑train, ↑tulip, ↑version, ↑warning, ↑winter, ↑work, ↑writer, ↑writing, ↑year, ↑youth
Early is used with these verbs: ↑arrive, ↑awake, ↑awaken, ↑book, ↑cite, ↑detect, ↑mature, ↑mention, ↑note, ↑outline, ↑quote, ↑retire, ↑rise, ↑sow, ↑wake

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