close, strong, tight, warm

the comfort of her warm embrace

comforting, gentle, loving, sweet, tender
friendly, protective
long, quick
be locked in, hold sb in

They were locked in a passionate embrace on the station platform.


He closed his eyes and tightened his embrace.


She would give anything just to feel his warm embrace again.


The two friends shared one last embrace.


She accepted his warm embrace.

return (esp. AmE)

He returned the embrace for a moment.

escape, escape from, free yourself from

He managed to free himself from her embrace.

release sb from

He released her from his embrace.

in an embrace

two lovers in a tight embrace

into an embrace

He drew her into his embrace.

1 put your arms around sb
tightly, warmly

He rose from his chair and embraced her warmly.

gently, passionately
2 accept sth
genuinely, really, truly

the only party which fully embraces the concept of democracy

completely, fully
widely (esp. AmE)

Soccer has become more widely embraced by Americans.

eagerly, enthusiastically, happily, passionately, readily, warmly, wholeheartedly, with enthusiasm

She embraced the feminist cause with enthusiasm.

openly, publicly
Embrace is used with these nouns as the object: ↑capitalism, ↑cause, ↑change, ↑communism, ↑concept, ↑creed, ↑culture, ↑diversity, ↑doctrine, ↑future, ↑heritage, ↑idea, ↑ideal, ↑ideology, ↑movement, ↑philosophy, ↑principle, ↑reform, ↑religion, ↑revolution, ↑role, ↑technology, ↑view, ↑vision, ↑whole

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