1 furthest part of sth
bottom, lower
top, upper
back, hind (esp. AmE), rear, tail (figurative)

I just caught the tail end of the movie.

extreme, far, very

That's his wife sitting at the far end of the table.

opposite, other
round, square
pointed, sharp
cheap, low

housebuyers at the cheap end of the market

expensive, high
deep, shallow (of a swimming pool)

The company believes in throwing new employees in at the deep end with no training. (figurative)

free, loose

Take the free end of the rope and pass it through the hole.

The author tied up all the loose ends of the story in the final chapter. (figurative)

west, western, etc.

the southern end of the lake

come to, get to, reach

Continue until you reach the end of the street.

grab, grasp, take hold of
join, tie

Tie both ends of the string together.

attach, connect
cut, trim
part, piece, portion, section
panel, wall
zone (in American football)
at the end

Turn into Hope Street and our house is right at the end.

on end

Stand it on end (= upright).

at one end

The rope was unfastened at one end.

change ends

The teams changed ends at half time.

close to the end, near the end
end over end (AmE)

The car was lifted up by the winds and tumbled end over end along the ground.

end of the spectrum

The two parties represent opposite ends of the political spectrum.

end to end

They arranged the tables end to end.

from end to end

The beach was filled from end to end with tanned bodies.

The famous Las Vegas Strip is about three miles from end to end.

right at the end

The bank is right at the end of the street.

split ends

You should have your hair trimmed every few weeks to get rid of split ends.

2 last part of sth
abrupt, sudden
early, premature, untimely

The injury brought her career to an early end.

dramatic, tragic

The award was a fitting end to a distinguished career.

come to, get to, reach

The meeting finally came to an end at six.

I'll never get to the end of this book!

approach, draw to, near

As the evening was drawing to an end, the firework display took place.

bring (sth to), put

Talks were in progress to bring an end to the fighting.

call for, demand

call for an end to the violence

announce, declare
mark, mean, signal, signify, spell
catch, see, watch

I only caught the end of the game.

be in sight

There's no end in sight to the present crisis.

product, result

The movie's backers were delighted with the end product.

credits (= of a film/movie, etc.)
at an end

The proceedings are expected to be at an end by 6 p.m.

at the end

They get married at the end of the movie.

by the end

He wants the reports by the end of the month.

in the end

In the end, they decided to spend Christmas at home.

to the end

He won't win, but he'll keep fighting to the end.

towards/toward the end

I was getting bored towards/toward the end of the talk.

till the end, until the end

I'm staying until the end of this week.

up to the end

It stayed hot right up to the end of September.

end to

What the business community wants is an end to the recession.

at the very end, right at the end

You don't know who the murderer is until right at the end of the book.

from beginning to end

His story was one big lie from beginning to end.

the beginning of the end

It wasn't the end of their marriage, but it was the beginning of the end.

the end of an era

Her death marks the end of an era.

the end of the line, the end of the road (both figurative)

The loss of this contract could signal the end of the line for the shipyard.

to the bitter end, until the bitter end

We will fight this case to the bitter end.

3 aim/purpose
noble, worthwhile, worthy
desirable, desired
practical, pragmatic

Despite our differences, we were working to a common end.

commercial, economic, ideological, political, social, utilitarian
accomplish, achieve, attain

She was prepared to lie in order to achieve her ends.

further, pursue, work to
to … ends

The money might have been used to more worthy ends.

to this end

She wished to have a house built, and to this end she hired a local architect.

an end in itself

For her, shopping had become an end in itself.

a means to an end

I don't enjoy studying computing—it's just a means to an end.

the end justifies the means

He defended a morality in which the end justifies the means.

for your own ends, to your own ends

She is exploiting the current situation for her own ends.

with this end in view (= in order to achieve this)
4 death
sad, tragic
bad, horrible, sticky (informal, esp. BrE), violent

to come to a sticky (= unpleasant, but deserved) end

He was bound to meet a violent end one day.

come to, meet (literary)

He met his end at the Battle of Little Big Horn.


The end came when he collapsed after playing golf.

abruptly, suddenly

The meeting ended abruptly when the chairman was called away.

at last, eventually, finally

At last the war ended.

all but, effectively, virtually

A back injury effectively ended her career.


The peace talks have ended inconclusively.


We thought they'd never end.

happily, peacefully, well
badly, disappointingly, unhappily
disastrously, tragically

The attempt finally ended in failure.


The show ended with a song.

end in disaster

The military action could end in disaster.

end in tears (figurative)

After all that excitement the day was bound to end in tears (= unhappily).

end on a … note

His speech ended on a positive note.

End is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑battle, ↑bombardment, ↑career, ↑century, ↑conference, ↑conflict, ↑conversation, ↑decade, ↑dynasty, ↑era, ↑exam, ↑exhibition, ↑fighting, ↑film, ↑friendship, ↑hostility, ↑index, ↑injury, ↑journey, ↑letter, ↑marriage, ↑meeting, ↑movie, ↑occupation, ↑period, ↑rally, ↑recession, ↑relationship, ↑resemblance, ↑romance, ↑run, ↑sale, ↑season, ↑semester, ↑session, ↑shift, ↑siege, ↑similarity, ↑story, ↑strike, ↑talk, ↑tenancy, ↑treaty, ↑war, ↑world, ↑year
End is used with these nouns as the object: ↑battle, ↑blockade, ↑bloodshed, ↑boycott, ↑call, ↑career, ↑chance, ↑charade, ↑conflict, ↑conscription, ↑contract, ↑controversy, ↑conversation, ↑corruption, ↑crisis, ↑cycle, ↑deadlock, ↑discrimination, ↑discussion, ↑dispute, ↑drought, ↑embargo, ↑engagement, ↑evening, ↑existence, ↑feud, ↑fighting, ↑friendship, ↑hope, ↑hostility, ↑hunger, ↑impasse, ↑isolation, ↑life, ↑litigation, ↑meeting, ↑misery, ↑monopoly, ↑occupation, ↑partnership, ↑period, ↑persecution, ↑poverty, ↑practice, ↑pregnancy, ↑proceedings, ↑racism, ↑rationing, ↑recession, ↑relationship, ↑run, ↑sanction, ↑season, ↑segregation, ↑sentence, ↑session, ↑siege, ↑slaughter, ↑slavery, ↑speculation, ↑stalemate, ↑stoppage, ↑streak, ↑strife, ↑strike, ↑struggle, ↑subsidy, ↑suffering, ↑talk, ↑tenure, ↑tyranny, ↑uncertainty, ↑violence, ↑war

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