intellectual, social
consider sb (as), regard sb as, treat sb as

He did not regard himself as her intellectual equal.

as an equal

He talks even to small children as equals.

between equals

An interview should be a conversation between equals.

without equal

His guitar playing is without equal.

be sb's equal

I shall never be his equal at chess.

first among equals

He was regarded as the ‘first among equals’ by the other office clerks.

have few equals

When it comes to plain speaking, she has few equals.

have no equal

In fighting, they had no equals.

Equal is used with these nouns as the object: ↑per cent, ↑record
1 same in size, quantity, value, etc.
make sth

We moved some of the better players to make the two sides equal.

absolutely, exactly, in every way, precisely

Their test results were equal in every way.

almost, essentially (esp. AmE), nearly, virtually
about, approximately, more or less, relatively (esp. AmE), roughly

The EU nations together have an economy about equal in size to that of the US.

at least

Fitness is important in soccer, but of at least equal importance are skills.


The two books are more or less equal in length.


One pound is roughly equal to two dollars.

2 having the same rights
be born

I believe everyone is born equal.

genuinely, truly
3 equal to sth able to do sth
be, feel, prove, seem

I hope that he proves equal to the challenge.

make sb

I felt that nothing could make me equal to the demands being made of me.

more than

I felt more than equal to the task.

Equal is used with these nouns: ↑access, ↑amount, ↑balance, ↑chance, ↑contest, ↑distance, ↑distribution, ↑division, ↑ease, ↑emphasis, ↑footing, ↑importance, ↑instalment, ↑number, ↑part, ↑participation, ↑partner, ↑partnership, ↑pay, ↑piece, ↑probability, ↑prominence, ↑proportion, ↑recognition, ↑representation, ↑respect, ↑right, ↑share, ↑size, ↑standing, ↑status, ↑stress, ↑treatment, ↑validity

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