appear, be, seem

It is becoming almost essential for students to have a second language.

make sth

Increased competition makes it essential for the business to innovate.

consider sth, deem sth, find sth, regard sth as, see sth as, think sth

Do you consider these textbooks essential for the course?

really, truly, very (AmE)
almost, virtually

A printer is clearly essential to such a task.


Diet is crucial; exercise is equally essential.

by no means

Although useful, the accessories are by no means essential.


the skills essential for success


He believed that some form of religion was essential to human life.

Essential is used with these nouns: ↑accessory, ↑accompaniment, ↑aid, ↑aspect, ↑attribute, ↑character, ↑characteristic, ↑component, ↑concept, ↑core, ↑detail, ↑difference, ↑dilemma, ↑dimension, ↑distinction, ↑element, ↑equipment, ↑facility, ↑feature, ↑function, ↑guide, ↑ingredient, ↑item, ↑link, ↑maintenance, ↑mineral, ↑nature, ↑need, ↑oil, ↑part, ↑preliminary, ↑prelude, ↑prerequisite, ↑principle, ↑property, ↑protein, ↑quality, ↑reading, ↑reference, ↑repair, ↑requirement, ↑role, ↑service, ↑skill, ↑spirit, ↑step, ↑task, ↑thing, ↑tool, ↑training, ↑truth, ↑unity, ↑vitamin, ↑vocabulary

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