1 giving/receiving sth in return for sth else
mutual, reciprocal, two-way

We get together once a month for a mutual exchange of ideas.

in exchange (for)

Wool and timber were sent to Egypt in exchange for linen or papyrus.

exchange between

There were exchanges of goods between the two regions.

exchange for

She considered free language lessons a fair exchange for a place to stay.

2 angry conversation/argument
acrimonious (esp. BrE), angry, bitter, heated, sharp

They've had many spirited exchanges.


a full and frank exchange of views


a free exchange of ideas and opinions


a bitter verbal exchange

exchange about

angry exchanges about the problem of unemployment

exchange between

There were many acrimonious exchanges between the two men.

exchange over

an exchange over the question of Joe Hill's guilt

exchange with

Members got into heated exchanges with the chairperson.

an exchange of views

She had a full and frank exchange of views with her boss before resigning.

3 of foreign currencies
rate (also rate of exchange esp. in BrE)
4 visit
academic, cross-cultural (esp. AmE), cultural, inter-cultural (esp. AmE)

a constant cultural exchange by young people on the Internet

student, youth
go on
on an/the exchange

She is in France on a student exchange.

exchange with

an exchange with a German student

Exchange is used with these nouns as the object: ↑anecdote, ↑banter, ↑blow, ↑confidence, ↑contract, ↑correspondence, ↑currency, ↑data, ↑farewell, ↑fire, ↑gift, ↑glance, ↑gossip, ↑greeting, ↑gunfire, ↑idea, ↑information, ↑insult, ↑joke, ↑kiss, ↑look, ↑money, ↑nod, ↑present, ↑ring, ↑view, ↑vow, ↑word

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