1 sth that you say/write/do as a reply
brief, one-word, quick, short

The short answer to your question is that he has acted completely illegally.

blunt, direct, straight, straightforward

I expect a straight answer to a straight question.

detailed, full, precise

I cannot give you a definite answer just yet.

affirmative, positive
honest, truthful
real, reasonable, satisfactory, sensible
unclear, vague
get, have, receive

Did you ever get an answer to your letter?

demand, want

I want some answers before I agree to anything.

await, wait for

He was clearly expecting a different answer.


The question deserves a proper answer.

give sb, offer, provide, supply

Please give her your answer, so she can make the necessary arrangements.

We can provide answers to any questions you may have about the system.


I struggled to formulate an answer.

guess, know

I think you can guess the answer—they won't lend us the money.

dread, fear

‘Is it true?’ she asked, dreading the answer.


He left without waiting to hear her answer.


She pounded on the door, but no answer came.

in answer to

In answer to your question, I can only say that we did not find her work of a satisfactory standard.

answer to

her answer to his question

2 solution to a problem
easy, instant, pat, ready, simple, straightforward

There are no easy, pat answers.

clear, clear-cut, obvious

The obvious answer would be to cancel the party.

logical, plausible, reasonable, sensible
adequate, real, satisfactory
complete, convincing, definitive, effective, good, perfect
have, know

We are aware of this problem, but we do not have the answer.

look for, seek
arrive at, come up with, discover, find

We have arrived at an answer which we hope will satisfy everyone.

give sb, offer, provide, suggest, yield

If you really want to save time, this machine will provide the answer.

come to sb

The answer came to him in a flash.

depend on sth, lie in sth

The answer lies in a combination of factors.

answer to

There is no easy answer to the problem.

have all the answers, know all the answers

He's so arrogant, he thinks he knows all the answers.

3 to questions in a test/competition
acceptable, appropriate, correct, right
incorrect, wrong

This part of the exam requires a written answer.

long, short (both esp. AmE)

the short-answer section of the test

give, submit

It's not worth guessing the answer, as you may lose points.


The students are allowed to use textbooks to find the right answer.

print, write

Please print the answers to questions 1 and 2.

answer to

Do you know the answer to the question?

affirmatively, in the affirmative

She answered in the affirmative.

in the negative, negatively
honestly, truthfully

He tried to answer as honestly as he could.


What he told me does not fully answer the question of what his motives were.

evasively, vaguely (esp. AmE)
confidently, firmly
immediately, promptly, quickly
hesitantly (esp. AmE), nervously, slowly
coldly, coolly, curtly, shortly
bluntly, flatly
calmly, matter-of-factly
quietly, softly

She answered simply, ‘No.’

drily, sarcastically
casually, nonchalantly
Answer is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑voice
Answer is used with these nouns as the object: ↑ad, ↑advert, ↑advertisement, ↑allegation, ↑bell, ↑call, ↑challenge, ↑charge, ↑correspondence, ↑critic, ↑criticism, ↑door, ↑doorbell, ↑email, ↑enquiry, ↑knock, ↑letter, ↑mail, ↑objection, ↑phone, ↑prayer, ↑query, ↑question, ↑request, ↑summons, ↑telephone, ↑yes

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