big, large, major
start-up (esp. BrE)

start-up firms in the booming computer market

international, multinational
Boston-based, Tokyo-based, etc.
accountancy (esp. BrE), accounting (esp. AmE), audit, auditing, consulting, engineering, law, manufacturing, marketing, PR, software (esp. BrE), etc.
mail-order (esp. BrE)
establish, found, launch, set up, start, start up (esp. BrE)

She set up her own software firm.

head, head up, manage, run
merge with

They are likely to merge with a bigger firm.

acquire, buy, buy out, take over

The firm was taken over by a multinational consultancy.

close, close down

the decision to close down the firm

work for
join, leave
employ, hire

She hired a firm of private detectives to follow him.

be based in sth

a firm called Data Inc., based in Chicago

expand, grow

Local firms are finding it difficult to compete in the international market.


US firms operating in China

close, close down, collapse, fail, go bust (esp. BrE), go into liquidation (esp. BrE)

The well-established firm closed down with the loss of 600 jobs.

develop sth, make sth, manufacture sth, produce sth, sell sth
specialize in sth

a firm specializing in high-tech products

employ sb, hire sb (esp. AmE)

The firm employs 85 000 people around the world.

in a/the firm, within a/the firm

the different departments within the firm

a client of a firm
a firm of accountants, consultants, solicitors, etc. (BrE)
a partner in a firm
1 solid/strong
be, feel, look, seem
remain, stay

Exercise is important if you want your muscles to stay firm.

make sth

Use extra stuffing to make the cushions firmer.

keep sth

exercises to keep your muscles firm

extremely, fairly, very, etc.
2 not likely to change
be, sound
hold, remain, stand

Jo held firm: nothing else would do.

We stand firm on these principles.

extremely, fairly, very, etc.

I have always been quite firm with my children.

Firm is used with these nouns: ↑action, ↑adherence, ↑advocate, ↑assurance, ↑base, ↑basis, ↑belief, ↑believer, ↑breast, ↑buttock, ↑chin, ↑commitment, ↑conclusion, ↑conviction, ↑date, ↑decision, ↑denial, ↑diagnosis, ↑discipline, ↑dough, ↑evidence, ↑favourite, ↑flesh, ↑foothold, ↑footing, ↑foundation, ↑friendship, ↑government, ↑grasp, ↑grip, ↑ground, ↑grounding, ↑guarantee, ↑guidance, ↑hand, ↑handshake, ↑hold, ↑idea, ↑impression, ↑indication, ↑instruction, ↑intention, ↑jaw, ↑leadership, ↑line, ↑mattress, ↑mouth, ↑offer, ↑order, ↑plan, ↑prediction, ↑pressure, ↑promise, ↑recommendation, ↑resolution, ↑shake, ↑smack, ↑stance, ↑stand, ↑statement, ↑stomach, ↑support, ↑surface, ↑texture, ↑thigh, ↑tone, ↑tug, ↑voice

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