outstanding, talented
average, normal, ordinary

The average individual watches around three hours of television per day.


He was carrying out his functions as a trustee in the course of his business, rather than as a private individual.

certain, particular

The motives influencing a particular individual may change from time to time.

autonomous, independent

His philosophy is about becoming aware of oneself as an autonomous individual.


Society does not consist of isolated individuals, but people in a network of relationships.

rare, unique

She saw the artist as a unique individual, possessing a heightened awareness of reality.


a group of like-minded individuals


accusations of racism against named individuals


We welcome applications from suitably qualified individuals.

healthy, infected

donations from wealthy individuals


We know that all human individuals are unique.

class, group

She had taken a group of individuals and made them into a superb team.

treat sb as

The teacher should treat each student as an individual.

differ, vary

Although individuals vary widely, the bones of the average female skeleton are smaller and lighter than the male.

no one individual, no single individual

No single individual had done so much for the development of the motor vehicle.

any one individual, any single individual

The needs of the community outweigh those of any single individual.

the freedom of the individual, the rights of the individual

the issue of the freedom of the individual versus the intervention of the state

the individual concerned

It's up to the individual concerned to contact the police.

the needs of the individual

Each course has to be tailored to the needs of the individual.

respect for the individual
vary from individual to individual

Eating habits are bound to vary from individual to individual.

Individual is used with these nouns: ↑account, ↑accountability, ↑achievement, ↑advancement, ↑assessment, ↑attention, ↑autonomy, ↑category, ↑character, ↑characteristic, ↑choice, ↑client, ↑component, ↑conscience, ↑consciousness, ↑consumer, ↑consumption, ↑contribution, ↑counselling, ↑creativity, ↑desire, ↑discipline, ↑enterprise, ↑entrepreneur, ↑event, ↑expression, ↑fitness, ↑freedom, ↑grievance, ↑help, ↑heroism, ↑identity, ↑ingredient, ↑initiative, ↑instruction, ↑investor, ↑item, ↑lesson, ↑liberty, ↑look, ↑member, ↑membership, ↑merit, ↑mind, ↑module, ↑molecule, ↑motivation, ↑need, ↑participant, ↑participation, ↑peculiarity, ↑perception, ↑personality, ↑portion, ↑preference, ↑privacy, ↑property, ↑psychology, ↑pursuit, ↑quality, ↑recognition, ↑reply, ↑requirement, ↑response, ↑responsibility, ↑right, ↑salvation, ↑score, ↑self, ↑self-interest, ↑shareholder, ↑soul, ↑sport, ↑strand, ↑strength, ↑style, ↑subscription, ↑suffering, ↑talent, ↑taste, ↑teaching, ↑therapy, ↑touch, ↑training, ↑trait, ↑tuition, ↑tutorial, ↑unit, ↑vote, ↑will, ↑work

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