1 problem
big, burning, central, critical, crucial, important, key, main, major, serious, vital

The economy remains the burning issue within the party.

larger, wider

The problem raises wider issues of gender and identity.

minor, side
basic, fundamental

The real issue is where the power lies.

contentious, controversial, difficult, thorny

the controversial issue of censorship

live, unresolved

The strike of ten years ago is still very much a live issue in the town.

domestic, global, international, local, national, regional
commercial, constitutional, economic, educational, environmental, ethical, health, legal, moral, policy, political, safety, security, social, technical, theoretical
number, range, series
debate, discuss

This evening we're debating the issue of the legalization of soft drugs.

decide, resolve, settle

A referendum was held to settle the issue.

address, consider, cover, deal with, examine, explore, face, look at, tackle
see, understand
focus on

We really need to focus on this one issue and not get sidetracked.

touch on

The issue of birth control was touched on, but we need to examine it in more detail.


The report highlights three issues.


This argument should not be allowed to confuse the issue.

avoid, evade

Security has become a real issue.


issues arising from the survey

surround sth, underlie sth

A more important issue underlies this debate.

affect sb/sth, face sb/sth

A number of issues are affecting the dairy industry.

at issue

What you say is interesting, but it does not affect the point at issue here.

on an/the issue

She spoke on the issue of private health care.

issue about

fundamental issues about working conditions

issue concerning

issues concerning the environment

issue relating to

The conference examined key issues relating to the reform.

make an issue of sth

I'm not worried about the cost—you're the one who's making an issue of it.

2 one in a series of publications

a special issue of stamps

bring out, publish
come out, go on sale
be out
in an/the issue

an article in the current issue of ‘Newsweek’


In a statement issued directly to the public on Thursday … 


a document issued jointly by the two departments

immediately, promptly

He left the company and promptly issued a writ claiming $45 million in damages.


the bank which formally issues and handles these credit cards

on behalf of

a statement issued on behalf of the UN Secretary-General


The new guidelines have been issued to all doctors.


Some of the police were issued with rifles.

newly issued

newly issued stamps

Issue is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑bank, ↑coroner, ↑court
Issue is used with these nouns as the object: ↑alert, ↑announcement, ↑apology, ↑appeal, ↑bond, ↑bulletin, ↑call, ↑card, ↑caution, ↑certificate, ↑challenge, ↑charter, ↑cheque, ↑coin, ↑command, ↑communiqué, ↑condemnation, ↑credentials, ↑credit card, ↑currency, ↑decision, ↑declaration, ↑decree, ↑demand, ↑denial, ↑denunciation, ↑description, ↑directive, ↑document, ↑draft, ↑driving licence, ↑edition, ↑forecast, ↑guidance, ↑guideline, ↑impression, ↑indictment, ↑injunction, ↑instruction, ↑invitation, ↑invoice, ↑leaflet, ↑licence, ↑mandate, ↑manifesto, ↑memo, ↑memorandum, ↑notice, ↑order, ↑paper, ↑pass, ↑passport, ↑patch, ↑patent, ↑penalty, ↑permit, ↑plea, ↑proclamation, ↑receipt, ↑recommendation, ↑refund, ↑regulation, ↑reminder, ↑report, ↑reprimand, ↑resolution, ↑rule, ↑ruling, ↑security, ↑share, ↑stamp, ↑statement, ↑stock, ↑summons, ↑threat, ↑ticket, ↑ultimatum, ↑update, ↑verdict, ↑visa, ↑voucher, ↑warning, ↑warrant, ↑watch, ↑writ

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