clean, easy, quick

vultures sensing a fresh kill

fish (AmE)

the worst fish kill in recorded history


The lion made a quick kill.

be in at (BrE)

I didn't even see the fox, let alone be in at the kill.

close in for, go in for, move in for

The hunters moved in for the kill.

at the kill (BrE)

The meat is divided up among all those present at the kill.

for the kill

The animal crouched down, getting ready for the kill.


He has fought more than fifty bulls, killing three outright.

almost, nearly

The animals are killed quickly and humanely.


The poison was slowly killing her.

eventually, finally

the camp guards who tortured and eventually killed her

accidentally, inadvertently
deliberately, intentionally

I don't believe that he intentionally killed her.


his trial for allegedly killing his wife

unlawfully (BrE, law)

The inquest concluded that he was unlawfully killed.


the number of people needlessly killed by hospital infections


The terrorists had shown their willingness to kill indiscriminately.


The militias are systematically killing and raping civilians.


There were reports of people brutally killed.

want to
be prepared to

They are quite prepared to kill to achieve their ends.

threaten to
be going to, intend to, mean to, plan to

He knew they meant to kill him.

What if they really do plan to kill us?

Dad's going to kill me when he finds out. (figurative)

plot to

They plotted to kill the dictator.

attempt to, seek to, try to
help (to)
make sb

The situation must have been really awful to make her kill herself.

admit killing sb, admit to killing sb, deny killing sb

He admitted killing her but said it was unintentional.

be accused of killing sb, be charged with killing sb
be killed in sth

soldiers killed in battle

be tragically killed

Their daughter was tragically killed in a road accident.

Kill is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑army, ↑avalanche, ↑blast, ↑bomb, ↑bullet, ↑crash, ↑disease, ↑earthquake, ↑explosion, ↑fanatic, ↑fumes, ↑killer, ↑lion, ↑military, ↑missile, ↑mob, ↑monster, ↑mould, ↑murderer, ↑shot, ↑troops, ↑violence, ↑virus
Kill is used with these nouns as the object: ↑animal, ↑bacteria, ↑bill, ↑cattle, ↑cell, ↑chance, ↑chicken, ↑civilian, ↑cow, ↑demonstrator, ↑elephant, ↑embryo, ↑enemy, ↑engine, ↑firefighter, ↑flea, ↑germ, ↑hope, ↑hostage, ↑infection, ↑insect, ↑lamb, ↑lover, ↑monster, ↑mood, ↑mosquito, ↑mouse, ↑murderer, ↑pain, ↑parasite, ↑pest, ↑pig, ↑prey, ↑speed, ↑time, ↑weed, ↑whale

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