Rapidly is used with these verbs: ↑absorb, ↑accelerate, ↑accumulate, ↑adjust, ↑advance, ↑age, ↑approach, ↑ascend, ↑assimilate, ↑beat, ↑blink, ↑boil, ↑breathe, ↑change, ↑climb, ↑collapse, ↑cool, ↑decline, ↑decrease, ↑degenerate, ↑deplete, ↑deploy, ↑depreciate, ↑descend, ↑destroy, ↑detect, ↑deteriorate, ↑disappear, ↑disintegrate, ↑disperse, ↑diverge, ↑drop, ↑dry, ↑dwindle, ↑eliminate, ↑emerge, ↑empty, ↑erode, ↑escalate, ↑evolve, ↑exhaust, ↑expand, ↑fade, ↑fall, ↑fill, ↑fire, ↑flicker, ↑flow, ↑gain, ↑gather, ↑grow, ↑identify, ↑improve, ↑increase, ↑intensify, ↑introduce, ↑mature, ↑mobilize, ↑mount, ↑multiply, ↑occur, ↑pass, ↑proceed, ↑progress, ↑react, ↑recede, ↑recover, ↑reduce, ↑regain, ↑remove, ↑replace, ↑resolve, ↑respond, ↑retreat, ↑reverse, ↑rise, ↑rotate, ↑scan, ↑shift, ↑shrink, ↑sink, ↑spin, ↑spread, ↑subside, ↑succumb, ↑swim, ↑swing, ↑thaw, ↑transfer, ↑transform, ↑type, ↑vanish, ↑wane, ↑warm, ↑widen, ↑worsen

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