1 distance over which you can stretch, travel, etc.

Gorillas have a very long reach.

beyond (sb/sth's) reach

The latch was just beyond her reach.

in (sb/sth's) reach, within (sb/sth's) reach

The riverbank was almost in reach.

There was a knife within his reach.

a beach resort within reach of Bangkok

The house is within easy reach of the train station.

out of sb/sth's reach

Keep all medicines out of reach of children.

within arm's reach

I always keep my phone within arm's reach.

2 power/influence
vast, wide

The organization has a wide reach.


The global reach of the Internet has exceeded what anyone could have predicted.

geographic, geographical

The business is looking at ways to extend its geographic reach.


The company has a worldwide reach.

broaden, expand, extend, increase

Humans have extended their reach into space.


As an artist, his reach was not limited to Britain.

beyond (sb/sth's) reach

He fled abroad, beyond the reach of German prosecutors.

in sb/sth's reach, within sb/sth's reach

Our $30 000 target is now well within our reach.

out of sb/sth's reach

The price puts it out of the reach of most people.

3 reaches far place
far, farthest, furthest
nether, outer, outermost, upper, uppermost

the upper reaches of the river

the upper reaches of the music charts (figurative)

northern, southern, etc.
northernmost, southernmost, etc.

He dreamed of exploring the outermost reaches of space.

reach of

the farthest reaches of our universe

1 arrive at a place/condition
eventually, finally
easily, quickly

The cost can easily reach six figures.

almost, nearly

The city's population had nearly reached a million by 1920.


He had barely reached the door when he collapsed.

attempt to, try to
be expected to, be likely to, expect to

Profits are expected to reach £2 billion this year.

be unlikely to
be able to
be unable to, fail to

The jury was unable to reach a verdict.

2 stretch out your arm to touch/get sth
gingerly, hesitantly, tentatively

Slowly he reached out and picked up the gun.

automatically, instinctively

He instinctively reached for his camera.


She reached blindly for the light switch.

across, down, forward, out, over

He reached out gingerly to touch it.

A hand reached down to help her up the ladder.


She reached for the telephone and picked it up.


I reached inside my pocket for a pen.


He reached into his bag and took out a book.

3 be able to touch sth

She had arranged her desk so that she could reach everything easily.

almost, nearly

Her skirt almost reached the ground.


His hair reached halfway to his waist.


I can't reach the top shelf.

Reach is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑elevator, ↑expedition, ↑inflation, ↑letter, ↑message, ↑news, ↑population, ↑procession, ↑receipt, ↑sale, ↑stock, ↑temperature, ↑toll, ↑train, ↑troops, ↑turnover, ↑unemployment
Reach is used with these nouns as the object: ↑accommodation, ↑accord, ↑adolescence, ↑adulthood, ↑age, ↑agreement, ↑altitude, ↑audience, ↑birthday, ↑boiling point, ↑border, ↑bottom, ↑ceiling, ↑climax, ↑coast, ↑completion, ↑compromise, ↑conclusion, ↑consensus, ↑consumer, ↑crescendo, ↑crest, ↑crossroads, ↑culmination, ↑deadlock, ↑deal, ↑decision, ↑degree, ↑depth, ↑destination, ↑diagnosis, ↑ear, ↑earth, ↑edge, ↑end, ↑exit, ↑expectation, ↑expression, ↑extent, ↑extreme, ↑figure, ↑final, ↑finale, ↑floor, ↑freezing, ↑frontier, ↑fruition, ↑goal, ↑grade, ↑ground, ↑height, ↑high, ↑highway, ↑impasse, ↑judgement, ↑land, ↑length, ↑level, ↑limit, ↑low, ↑mainstream, ↑mark, ↑market, ↑maturity, ↑maximum, ↑menopause, ↑middle age, ↑milestone, ↑minimum, ↑moon, ↑objective, ↑office, ↑old age, ↑orbit, ↑orgasm, ↑outskirts, ↑peak, ↑per cent, ↑perfection, ↑phase, ↑pinnacle, ↑pitch, ↑plateau, ↑point, ↑port, ↑position, ↑potential, ↑profitability, ↑proportion, ↑puberty, ↑quota, ↑rank, ↑resolution, ↑retirement, ↑room, ↑round, ↑safety, ↑saturation, ↑scene, ↑settlement, ↑shelf, ↑shore, ↑showroom, ↑size, ↑solution, ↑speed, ↑spot, ↑stage, ↑stalemate, ↑standard, ↑state, ↑stop, ↑summit, ↑surface, ↑target, ↑teens, ↑temperature, ↑threshold, ↑top, ↑total, ↑trough, ↑truce, ↑turning point, ↑understanding, ↑valley, ↑velocity, ↑verdict, ↑viewer, ↑watershed

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