1 increase
big, dramatic, huge, large, massive, sharp, strong, substantial
modest, slight, small
threefold, 80%, etc.

the alarming rise in obesity in the US

abrupt, exponential, rapid, steep, sudden
gradual, slow
continued, continuing
inexorable (esp. BrE)

the inexorable rise of oil prices

general, overall
global, worldwide
concomitant (formal), corresponding

the deterioration of our trade balance and the corresponding rise in protectionism

annual, monthly
interest-rate, pay, price, tax, wage (all esp. BrE)

The union is demanding a pay rise of 5%.

on the rise (= rising)

Crime is on the rise.

rise in

a twofold rise in prices

rise on (BrE)

a rise on last year's levels

2 becoming more powerful/important
meteoric, quick, spectacular, swift

That is the quickest rise to power I have ever seen.


the initial rise of a women's emancipation movement

rise from

his rise from the music halls into a beloved star

rise of

the rise of capitalism

rise to

His swift rise to the national team surprised everyone.

the rise and fall of sth

the rise and fall of the Roman Empire

sb's rise to fame, sb's rise to power, sb's rise to prominence

her meteoric rise to fame

1 move upwards

the cliffs which rise majestically from the ocean


Lush green mountains rise up behind the airport.


Smoke rose from the chimney.


Tall chimneys rise into the air.

2 stand up

Adam rose abruptly from the table.

shakily, unsteadily

She rose unsteadily to her feet.

make to, try to

He made to rise but found his legs were not strong enough to support him.

manage to

Somehow he managed to rise to a sitting position.

be unable to

She rose slowly from her chair to greet us.

rise to your feet

She rose shakily to her feet and looked around.

rise to your full height

He rose to his full height and leaned across the table.

3 get out of bed
early, late

He rose early and went for a walk.

4 increase
considerably, dramatically, markedly, sharply, significantly, steeply, substantially

House prices have risen sharply in recent months.

a little, slightly, etc.
further, higher
exponentially, fast, quickly, rapidly

The cost of health care is rising faster than ever.

be expected to, be likely to, be predicted to, be projected to, be set to

Entry standards into the profession are set to rise further.

be unlikely to
begin to, start to
continue to

Air pollution has risen above an acceptable level.


Unemployment has risen by 25 000 this month.

from, in

Gas rose in price.

in line with

Pensions will rise in line with inflation.


Inflation rose from 2% to 5% last year.

Rise is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑air, ↑anger, ↑barometer, ↑blush, ↑brow, ↑bubble, ↑chin, ↑circulation, ↑cliff, ↑colour, ↑concentration, ↑confidence, ↑consumption, ↑cost, ↑count, ↑crime, ↑currency, ↑curtain, ↑deficit, ↑demand, ↑density, ↑dividend, ↑dough, ↑dust, ↑employment, ↑enrolment, ↑excitement, ↑expectation, ↑expenditure, ↑expense, ↑export, ↑eyebrow, ↑fare, ↑fee, ↑flame, ↑flush, ↑fortune, ↑funding, ↑fury, ↑hand, ↑heat, ↑hill, ↑hope, ↑humidity, ↑import, ↑income, ↑index, ↑inflation, ↑investment, ↑level, ↑mist, ↑moon, ↑mountain, ↑number, ↑output, ↑panic, ↑parliament, ↑peak, ↑percentage, ↑population, ↑premium, ↑pressure, ↑price, ↑production, ↑productivity, ↑profit, ↑proportion, ↑rate, ↑rating, ↑receipt, ↑rent, ↑reserve, ↑revenue, ↑river, ↑salary, ↑sale, ↑sap, ↑sea, ↑share, ↑sickness, ↑skyscraper, ↑slope, ↑smoke, ↑sob, ↑spending, ↑spirit, ↑standing, ↑stature, ↑steam, ↑stock, ↑sun, ↑support, ↑takings, ↑tax, ↑temper, ↑temperature, ↑tension, ↑tide, ↑toll, ↑total, ↑turnover, ↑unemployment, ↑value, ↑voice, ↑volume, ↑vote, ↑wage, ↑water, ↑wave, ↑wind, ↑workforce, ↑yield
Rise is used with these nouns as the object: ↑per cent, ↑point

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