1 become aware of sth using your eyes
clearly, easily, plainly
dimly, faintly
barely, hardly

I could hardly see because of the smoke.


We could just see the hotel in the distance.

first-hand, personally

He saw first-hand the impact of colonialism.


This problem is commonly seen in young adults.

be able to, can

I could see the boat clearly now.

go to

I went to see a movie.

get to

I finally got to see them in concert.

turn around to, turn to

She turned to see who it was.

be amazed to, be shocked to, be surprised to

He was surprised to see Martha standing there.

be relieved to
be keen to (esp. BrE)
be delighted, be glad to, be happy to, be overjoyed to, be pleased to

I'm glad to see that you're keeping well.

be sad to
would love to

I'd love to see her win the gold medal.

wait to

I can't wait to see his face!

We'll have to wait to see if sales hold up.

expect to

We expect to see an increase of 50–60%.

be likely to
be great to, be nice to

It's nice to see the children playing together.

be interesting to
let sb

A dolphin? Oh, let me see!

Let me see the evidence!


She claims that she can see into the future.

get a/the chance to see, get an/the opportunity to see

I also got a chance to see what she looked like.

have a/the chance to see, have an/the opportunity to see
only to see

I looked up, only to see Tommy chatting to someone.

see at a glance

You can see at a glance if all is well.

see with the naked eye

The star is bright enough to see with the naked eye.

see (sth) with your own eyes

I know it's hard to believe but I saw it with my own eyes.

2 visit sb
come to

Veronica came to see him in prison.

come around to, come over to

Logan came around to see me about a job.

He came over to see me after my surgery.

go to

She went to see the doctor about it.

want to, wish to

What is it you want to see me about?

be here to

I'm here to see Lisa Daniels.


She's gone to see the mechanic about getting her car repaired.

3 understand/realize sth

I can see why you were so angry about it.

cannot, do not

I don't see why she should get more money than the others.

be easy to
be difficult to, be hard to

It is difficult to see how to get around this problem.

fail to

I fail to see how this idea will help anyone.

4 find out
want to

I want to see how they'll react.

come over, go over, look over

He came over to see what was going on.

let sb

Let's see what happens.

go and see

‘Is the taxi here?’ ‘I'll just go and see.’

wait and see

‘Is he going to get better?’ ‘I don't know, we'll just have to wait and see.’

See is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑century, ↑decade, ↑observer, ↑viewer, ↑year
See is used with these nouns as the object: ↑action, ↑advert, ↑advertisement, ↑adviser, ↑article, ↑attraction, ↑beginning, ↑benefit, ↑blossom, ↑broadcast, ↑cathedral, ↑chance, ↑change, ↑clip, ↑collection, ↑combat, ↑commercial, ↑commotion, ↑connection, ↑conspiracy, ↑continuation, ↑correlation, ↑counsellor, ↑cruelty, ↑culmination, ↑danger, ↑dawn, ↑day, ↑decline, ↑demise, ↑demonstration, ↑destruction, ↑deterioration, ↑diagram, ↑difference, ↑dip, ↑disappointment, ↑disbelief, ↑display, ↑distinction, ↑distress, ↑documentary, ↑downturn, ↑duty, ↑DVD, ↑emergence, ↑end, ↑episode, ↑erosion, ↑escalation, ↑establishment, ↑evidence, ↑example, ↑exhibit, ↑exhibition, ↑explosion, ↑expression, ↑extent, ↑face, ↑fall, ↑fault, ↑fight, ↑figure, ↑film, ↑flare, ↑flash, ↑flaw, ↑flicker, ↑folly, ↑footprint, ↑futility, ↑game, ↑gap, ↑ghost, ↑glint, ↑headlights, ↑headline, ↑hesitation, ↑hope, ↑horror, ↑humour, ↑hurt, ↑importance, ↑improvement, ↑incident, ↑inconsistency, ↑increase, ↑indication, ↑influx, ↑injustice, ↑issue, ↑justification, ↑likeness, ↑logic, ↑match, ↑memo, ↑menu, ↑merit, ↑miracle, ↑mirage, ↑motive, ↑movie, ↑necessity, ↑need, ↑news, ↑niche, ↑notice, ↑opportunity, ↑outline, ↑parallel, ↑patient, ↑performance, ↑play, ↑plight, ↑point, ↑poll, ↑possibility, ↑post, ↑posting, ↑potential, ↑preview, ↑problem, ↑programme, ↑progress, ↑proof, ↑reason, ↑recovery, ↑reduction, ↑reflection, ↑relationship, ↑relevance, ↑replay, ↑report, ↑resemblance, ↑review, ↑revival, ↑revolution, ↑sadness, ↑scenery, ↑sense, ↑service, ↑shape, ↑shift, ↑show, ↑showing, ↑side, ↑sight, ↑sign, ↑silhouette, ↑similarity, ↑snippet, ↑specialist, ↑spectre, ↑suffering, ↑surgeon, ↑table, ↑talent, ↑tape, ↑thing, ↑tragedy, ↑trail, ↑trailer, ↑trend, ↑twinkle, ↑upturn, ↑variation, ↑vet, ↑video, ↑website, ↑wince, ↑work, ↑world

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