1 learning
full-time, part-time
graduate, postgraduate
independent, private

This grammar book is suitable both for classroom use and for independent study.


The course integrates academic study and practical training.

course, programme/program
take up

Now that her children are all at school, she's going to take up full-time study again.


A study group meets every Sunday at the church.

leave (BrE)

The company allows its staff to take paid study leave.


The first part of the course is designed to develop students' study skills.

hall (AmE), period
study for

full-time study for an MA

an area of study, a field of study

Students do a foundation year before specializing in their chosen field of study.

2 studies sb's learning activities

Many undertake further studies after college.

begin, undertake (formal)
continue, pursue
complete, finish

When he has completed his studies, he'll travel around the world.

resume, return to

She returned to her studies when her children reached school age.

3 studies subjects
area, business, cultural, management, media, religious, women's, etc.

She's doing women's studies at Liverpool University.

lecture in, teach

He lectures in management studies.


Princeton's African American studies department

course, programme/program

the university's cultural studies course

4 piece of research
current, new, present, recent

The present study reveals an unacceptable level of air pollution in the city.

earlier, original, previous
careful, close, comprehensive, detailed, in-depth, intensive, serious

a close study of energy prices

She devoted herself to a serious study of the literature.


a longitudinal study of children in low-income families

definitive, major
initial, pilot, preliminary

A preliminary study suggested that the product would be popular.


Research studies carried out in Italy confirmed the theory.

clinical, empirical, experimental, systematic, theoretical
anthropological, historical, literary, scientific, sociological, etc.

This phenomenon has been observed in field studies.


The company undertook an extensive feasibility study before adopting the new system.


a detailed case study of nine companies


a comparative study of the environmental costs of different energy sources


An independent study was commissioned by the department.

commission, fund, support

a study commissioned by the World Bank

carry out, conduct, do, make, participate in, undertake, work on

He has made a special study of the way that birds communicate.

take place
aim at sth, aim to do sth, attempt to, be aimed at sth, be designed to, set out to

The study aims to examine bias in television news coverage.

be based on sth

a study based on a sample of male white-collar workers

concern sth, cover sth, deal with sth, examine sth, explore sth, focus on sth, investigate sth, look at sth

The ten-year study covered 13 000 people aged 15-25.

compare sth

The study compares the incidence of bone cancer in men and women.

conclude sth, confirm sth, demonstrate sth, document sth, find sth, indicate sth, prove sth, report sth, reveal sth, say sth, show sth, suggest sth, support sth, warn sth

A new study shows that fewer students are studying science.

provide sth

The study provided valuable insight into the development of the disease.

highlight sth, identify sth

The study highlighted three problem areas.


The study group was selected from a broad cross section of the population.

according to a/the study, in a/the study

In a recent study, 40% of schools were found to be understaffed.

under study

the biochemical process under study

study into

a study into the viability of the mine

study on

a definitive study on medieval weapons

an area of study, a field of study
the author of a/the study
the objective of a/the study, the purpose of a/the study
the findings of a/the study, the results of a/the study
the subject of a/the study

Shakespeare is the subject of a new study by Kraft.

1 spend time learning about sth

to study at college


She is studying hard for her exams.

under, with

He studied under Professor Sager.

2 examine sth carefully
carefully, closely, in depth, in detail, intensively, intently

She picked up the letter and studied it carefully.

In the third year a number of areas are studied in detail.

extensively, widely
fully, thoroughly

He studied her thoughtfully, then smiled.

be well studied

This area has not been well studied.

The influence of heredity is best studied in identical twins.

Study is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑eye, ↑researcher, ↑scientist
Study is used with these nouns as the object: ↑ballet, ↑anatomy, ↑aspect, ↑behaviour, ↑Bible, ↑book, ↑cause, ↑collection, ↑composition, ↑craft, ↑data, ↑detail, ↑document, ↑ecology, ↑effect, ↑effectiveness, ↑evidence, ↑feasibility, ↑galaxy, ↑impact, ↑implication, ↑influence, ↑judo, ↑karate, ↑language, ↑literature, ↑manual, ↑map, ↑menu, ↑module, ↑movement, ↑nail, ↑painting, ↑phenomenon, ↑possibility, ↑problem, ↑profile, ↑property, ↑record, ↑reflection, ↑region, ↑relationship, ↑religion, ↑remains, ↑sample, ↑scripture, ↑subject, ↑syllabus, ↑text, ↑theatre, ↑videotape, ↑workings

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