1 form letters and words on paper
clearly, neatly

Children must learn to write neatly.


She was busily writing in a notebook.

down, out

I'd better write this down, otherwise I'll forget it.

learn to
teach sb to
be able to, can, know how to

The words were written in black ink.


He wrote a list on the back of an old envelope.


I write with an old fashioned pen.

2 produce a piece of writing
beautifully, eloquently, well
badly, poorly

the ability to write clearly in plain English

at length, extensively

He has written extensively on the subject.

frequently, regularly

an art critic who writes regularly in the French daily ‘Le Figaro’


The role was written specifically for Rita Hayworth.


She wrote back to him the next day.

commission sb to

He has been commissioned to write a history of the town.

inspire sb to, prompt sb to

She was inspired to write the poem by a visit to the cathedral.

set out to

He set out to write a short book on taxation.

go on to

After ‘Tom Sawyer’, Twain went on to write several other classic books.


a journalist who writes about problems in the developing world


She writes for ‘The New York Times’.


history written from the perspective of the losers


She wrote in Arabic.

He wrote in his journal.


He had an extra clause written into his contract.


She wrote of her life in Africa.


He writes on political issues.


He wrote to the editor of the newspaper.


Her novel was written under the pseudonym Currer Bell.


Doris writes with verve and wit.

Write is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑author, ↑composer, ↑correspondent, ↑journalist, ↑musician, ↑novelist, ↑pen, ↑poet, ↑programmer, ↑viewer, ↑writer
Write is used with these nouns as the object: ↑ballet, ↑account, ↑address, ↑answer, ↑application, ↑article, ↑assignment, ↑autobiography, ↑bill, ↑biography, ↑blog, ↑book, ↑brief, ↑card, ↑chapter, ↑cheque, ↑code, ↑column, ↑comment, ↑commentary, ↑composition, ↑concerto, ↑confession, ↑Congressman, Congresswoman, ↑constitution, ↑contract, ↑copy, ↑curriculum vitae, ↑dictionary, ↑dissertation, ↑document, ↑draft, ↑drama, ↑editorial, ↑email, ↑encyclopedia, ↑ending, ↑entry, ↑epitaph, ↑equation, ↑essay, ↑feature, ↑fiction, ↑follow-up, ↑gag, ↑graffiti, ↑guide, ↑headline, ↑history, ↑initial, ↑introduction, ↑journal, ↑law, ↑lecture, ↑letter, ↑literature, ↑lyrics, ↑manifesto, ↑manual, ↑manuscript, ↑melody, ↑memo, ↑memoir, ↑memorandum, ↑message, ↑movie, ↑music, ↑name, ↑narrative, ↑note, ↑novel, ↑number, ↑obituary, ↑opera, ↑outline, ↑page, ↑pamphlet, ↑paper, ↑paragraph, ↑parody, ↑passage, ↑petition, ↑piece, ↑poem, ↑poetry, ↑portrait, ↑post, ↑postcard, ↑posting, ↑prescription, ↑profile, ↑program, ↑proposal, ↑prose, ↑résumé, ↑receipt, ↑record, ↑reference, ↑reply, ↑report, ↑review, ↑rule, ↑scene, ↑score, ↑script, ↑sentence, ↑sequel, ↑signature, ↑sketch, ↑slogan, ↑software, ↑song, ↑specification, ↑speech, ↑story, ↑summary, ↑syllabus, ↑symphony, ↑tale, ↑text, ↑thesis, ↑thriller, ↑track, ↑tragedy, ↑tribute, ↑tune, ↑update, ↑verse, ↑virus, ↑volume, ↑will, ↑word, ↑work

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