1 close look to make sure sth is safe/correct
complete, extensive, full (esp. BrE), thorough
careful, close, rigorous, tight (all esp. BrE)
cursory, quick
periodic, regular, routine
annual, daily, etc.
final, last
constant (esp. BrE)
random, spot

In a series of spot checks, police searched buses crossing the border.


I did a quick visual check of the engine.

dental (BrE), fitness (BrE), health, medical
criminal, police, safety, security
background, credit, reference
ID (BrE), identification (AmE), identity (BrE)
baggage, customs (esp. BrE), immigration (esp. BrE), passport (esp. BrE)
stock (BrE)
consistency, quality
spell (usually spellcheck), spelling (BrE)

I do a spellcheck on all my emails.

sound (usually soundcheck)

The band wants to do a soundcheck before the concert.

carry out (BrE), complete, conduct, do, give sth, have, make, run

I'll just have a quick check to see if the letter's arrived.

A thorough check is made before the bags are put on the plane.

We're running a police check on all applicants.

keep, maintain

Police are keeping a close check on the house.

go for (esp. BrE), undergo

I have to go for a dental check.

check on

a routine check on the factory

2 control; restraint

Leaving some fields fallow provided a natural check on insect populations.

act as, provide
hold sth in, keep sth in

You need to keep your temper in check!

check on

The law acts as a check on people's actions.

3 (AmE) method of payment ⇨ See ↑cheque
4 (AmE) bill for food ⇨ See also ↑bill

Can I have the check please?

pay, pick up, split

Uncle Louie picked up the dinner check.

check for

The waiter handed me the check for my meal.

1 examine/make sure
always, daily, periodically, regularly

Always check that the electricity is switched off before you start.

Check the oil level regularly.

carefully, thoroughly
easily, simply
had better, must, need to, should

We had better check that all the doors are locked.


I'll need to check these figures against last year's.


Check the roof for loose slates.


I checked with her to see if she needed any help.

be worth checking

It's worth checking that there is no rust on the car.

check to see if, check to see whether

He was just checking to see if I was in my room.

2 (AmE) put a mark (✓) next to sth ⇨ See also ↑tick

To take advantage of this extra bonus offer, simply check the box on your order form.


She began mentally checking off the things on her to-do list.


The cartons were all checked off as they were unloaded.

Check is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑electrician, ↑inspector
Check is used with these nouns as the object: ↑account, ↑accuracy, ↑appearance, ↑archive, ↑authenticity, ↑availability, ↑bag, ↑baggage, ↑balance, ↑barometer, ↑bearing, ↑blood pressure, ↑book, ↑box, ↑calendar, ↑change, ↑clip, ↑clock, ↑compass, ↑comprehension, ↑credentials, ↑date, ↑detail, ↑diaper, ↑dictionary, ↑dimension, ↑directory, ↑effectiveness, ↑email, ↑fact, ↑file, ↑forecast, ↑gauge, ↑identification, ↑impulse, ↑information, ↑input, ↑instrument, ↑label, ↑level, ↑link, ↑lock, ↑log, ↑luggage, ↑mail, ↑make-up, ↑manual, ↑map, ↑message, ↑meter, ↑microphone, ↑mirror, ↑oil, ↑passport, ↑pocket, ↑post, ↑profile, ↑progress, ↑pulse, ↑record, ↑reference, ↑schedule, ↑signature, ↑site, ↑spelling, ↑status, ↑takings, ↑time, ↑tyre, ↑validity, ↑visa, ↑watch, ↑weather, ↑website, ↑wiring, ↑work

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