1 discover the facts about sth
exactly, precisely

We need a detailed investigation to determine exactly why these cancers are occurring.

conclusively, definitively
try to
be used to, help to

Computer models help to determine whether a particular area is likely to flood.

be easy to, be possible to
be difficult to, be impossible to

It is difficult to determine the exact cause of the illness.

be necessary to
be able to
2 make sth happen in a particular way
biologically, culturally, genetically

the debate about whether such attitudes are biologically or culturally determined


a decision which would ultimately determine the fate of the project


Reproductive success is directly determined by attractiveness to the female.

largely, mainly, primarily
solely, uniquely
Determine is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑coroner, ↑factor, ↑inspection, ↑researcher
Determine is used with these nouns as the object: ↑cause, ↑champion, ↑compensation, ↑composition, ↑concentration, ↑course, ↑degree, ↑density, ↑destiny, ↑diameter, ↑direction, ↑distance, ↑distribution, ↑duration, ↑effect, ↑effectiveness, ↑efficiency, ↑election, ↑extent, ↑fate, ↑feasibility, ↑frequency, ↑future, ↑guilt, ↑height, ↑identity, ↑impact, ↑incidence, ↑influence, ↑latitude, ↑level, ↑likelihood, ↑limit, ↑longitude, ↑magnitude, ↑meaning, ↑merit, ↑nature, ↑number, ↑outcome, ↑percentage, ↑policy, ↑position, ↑preference, ↑priority, ↑probability, ↑quality, ↑radioactivity, ↑rate, ↑ratio, ↑relationship, ↑rent, ↑requirement, ↑risk, ↑role, ↑scale, ↑scope, ↑severity, ↑sex, ↑shape, ↑significance, ↑size, ↑status, ↑success, ↑suitability, ↑threshold, ↑type, ↑usefulness, ↑validity, ↑value, ↑viability, ↑volume, ↑wage, ↑winner, ↑worth

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