1 start/create sth
initially, originally

The Internet was originally established by scientists to share information.


The League was formally established in 1920.

attempt to, seek to, try to

We try to establish links with schools.

help (to), help sb (to)
agree to

The two countries agreed to establish full diplomatic relations.

be able to
be important to
an attempt to establish sth, an effort to establish sth
newly established, recently established

He was appointed to the newly established Department for Safety.

2 make sth known and accepted
firmly, securely

His position in the organization is now firmly established.


By the 7th century Buddhism was fully established in Japan.


We have now clearly established ourselves as the leader in the market.


We have successfully established clear rules that most students accept.

attempt to, seek to, try to
help (to), help sb (to)

The exhibition helped her establish herself as an artist.


He has now established his reputation as a popular musician.

become established, get established

The festival has become established as an annual event.

previously established

a previously established formula

3 make certain of sth
conclusively, definitely, definitively, unequivocally
empirically, scientifically

The effectiveness of the new drug has not yet been scientifically established.

attempt to, seek to, try to

Police are still trying to establish the identity of the dead man.

help (to)
be able to
be possible to
be difficult to
be important to
an attempt to establish sth, an effort to establish sth
Establish is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑convention, ↑enquiry, ↑evidence, ↑settler, ↑treaty
Establish is used with these nouns as the object: ↑agenda, ↑alibi, ↑alignment, ↑alliance, ↑arrangement, ↑atmosphere, ↑authenticity, ↑authority, ↑base, ↑body, ↑bond, ↑border, ↑boundary, ↑branch, ↑bureau, ↑business, ↑camp, ↑category, ↑chair, ↑channel, ↑church, ↑claim, ↑clientele, ↑code, ↑colony, ↑commission, ↑committee, ↑common ground, ↑communication, ↑company, ↑confederation, ↑congregation, ↑connection, ↑contact, ↑context, ↑continuity, ↑control, ↑convent, ↑correlation, ↑council, ↑crèche, ↑credentials, ↑credibility, ↑criterion, ↑database, ↑democracy, ↑department, ↑detail, ↑diagnosis, ↑dialogue, ↑dictatorship, ↑division, ↑doctrine, ↑dominance, ↑domination, ↑dynasty, ↑empire, ↑enquiry, ↑equality, ↑existence, ↑expectation, ↑extent, ↑fact, ↑farm, ↑feasibility, ↑federation, ↑firm, ↑foothold, ↑foundation, ↑framework, ↑friendship, ↑fund, ↑goal, ↑government, ↑guideline, ↑guilt, ↑habit, ↑headquarters, health service, ↑hierarchy, ↑hotline, ↑identity, ↑innocence, ↑institute, ↑lead, ↑liaison, ↑limit, ↑link, ↑memorial, ↑mission, ↑monarchy, ↑monopoly, ↑mood, ↑motive, ↑movement, ↑museum, ↑myth, ↑neighbourhood, ↑network, ↑niche, ↑objective, ↑office, ↑panel, ↑partnership, ↑party, ↑pattern, ↑peace, ↑perimeter, ↑picture, ↑policy, ↑position, ↑practice, ↑precedent, ↑presence, ↑principle, ↑priority, ↑procedure, ↑programme, ↑quota, ↑rapport, ↑record, ↑refuge, ↑regime, ↑register, ↑registry, ↑relation, ↑relationship, ↑relevance, ↑republic, ↑reputation, ↑requirement, ↑reserve, ↑residence, ↑right, ↑role, ↑routine, ↑rule, ↑schedule, ↑scheme, ↑settlement, ↑slavery, ↑socialism, ↑society, ↑sovereignty, ↑standard, ↑state, ↑structure, ↑style, ↑subsidiary, ↑superiority, ↑supremacy, ↑system, ↑task force, ↑territory, ↑tie, ↑timetable, ↑tone, ↑tradition, ↑tribunal, ↑trust, ↑truth, ↑validity, ↑venture, ↑zone

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