considerably, dramatically, enormously, exponentially, greatly, massively, radically, significantly, vastly

The business has expanded greatly over the last year.

globally, internationally, nationally, nationwide, worldwide

A number of the rental companies are expanding globally.

abroad, overseas

Internet companies expanding abroad

fast, quickly, rapidly

Both companies are aggressively expanding their business models in Europe.


Several brands have successfully expanded their market presence.

gradually, slowly
constantly, continually, continuously
aim to, be eager to, be keen to, hope to, intend to, look to, plan to, seek to, want to, work to

The company is looking to expand its operations overseas.

attempt to, try to

American publishers attempted to expand their markets overseas.

need to

I needed to expand my possibilities of making a living.

help (to)

The store has helped expand the British cheese market by encouraging small dairy farmers.

begin to, start to
continue to
seem to

He has plans to expand beyond computer consulting to include engineer training.


The number of managers has expanded from 700 to 1 300.


The town has expanded into a city.

Expand is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑business, ↑chest, ↑company, ↑economy, ↑enterprise, ↑firm, ↑industry, ↑market, ↑metal, ↑scope, ↑trade, ↑universe, ↑workload
Expand is used with these nouns as the object: ↑availability, ↑balance sheet, ↑base, ↑business, ↑capability, ↑capacity, ↑choice, ↑circle, ↑collection, ↑coverage, ↑credit, ↑definition, ↑economy, ↑effort, ↑empire, ↑export, ↑facility, ↑focus, ↑franchise, ↑frontier, ↑horizon, ↑influence, ↑initiative, ↑knowledge, ↑limit, ↑market, ↑membership, ↑memory, ↑menu, ↑network, ↑offering, ↑output, ↑partnership, ↑per cent, ↑pool, ↑presence, ↑production, ↑programme, ↑range, ↑reach, ↑repertoire, ↑role, ↑sale, ↑scale, ↑scope, ↑service, ↑size, ↑trade, ↑understanding, ↑vocabulary, ↑workforce, ↑workload

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