Fully is used with these adjectives: ↑able, ↑absorbed, ↑acceptable, ↑accessible, ↑accountable, ↑acquainted, ↑adjustable, ↑alert, ↑alive, ↑apparent, ↑armed, ↑armoured, ↑automatic, ↑autonomous, ↑awake, ↑aware, ↑bilingual, ↑capable, ↑carpeted, ↑charged, ↑clad, ↑closed, ↑clothed, ↑comfortable, ↑committed, ↑compatible, ↑competent, ↑comprehensible, ↑comprehensive, ↑concentrated, ↑confident, ↑conscious, ↑consistent, ↑convinced, ↑covered, ↑credible, ↑democratic, ↑dependent, ↑detailed, ↑developed, ↑domesticated, ↑dominant, ↑educated, ↑effective, ↑engaged, ↑erect, ↑evident, ↑exempt, ↑explicit, ↑exposed, ↑familiar, ↑fit, ↑furnished, ↑inclusive, ↑independent, ↑inflated, ↑informed, ↑insured, ↑intact, ↑intelligible, ↑intent, ↑interactive, ↑interchangeable, ↑justified, ↑kosher, ↑laden, ↑liable, ↑lined, ↑literate, ↑loaded, ↑mature, ↑mobile, ↑occupied, ↑open, ↑operational, ↑operative, ↑organic, ↑professional, ↑proficient, ↑proven, ↑qualified, ↑rational, ↑recyclable, ↑representative, ↑responsible, ↑responsive, ↑ripe, ↑rounded, ↑satisfactory, ↑satisfied, ↑self-contained, ↑submerged, ↑supportive, ↑taxable, ↑trained, ↑transferable, ↑transparent, ↑undressed, ↑united, ↑up to date, ↑upright, ↑visible
Fully is used with these verbs: ↑absorb, ↑accept, ↑accord, ↑account, ↑acknowledge, ↑address, ↑adhere, ↑agree, ↑align, ↑analyse, ↑answer, ↑appreciate, ↑approve, ↑articulate, ↑assess, ↑assimilate, ↑back, ↑believe, ↑benefit, ↑brief, ↑clarify, ↑compensate, ↑complete, ↑comply, ↑comprehend, ↑concentrate, ↑concur, ↑conform, ↑contribute, ↑convey, ↑cook, ↑cooperate, ↑cost, ↑deal, ↑debate, ↑define, ↑deploy, ↑depreciate, ↑describe, ↑deserve, ↑digest, ↑disappear, ↑discharge, ↑disclose, ↑discuss, ↑embrace, ↑emerge, ↑enclose, ↑endorse, ↑enforce, ↑engage, ↑equip, ↑erase, ↑establish, ↑evaluate, ↑examine, ↑excavate, ↑exercise, ↑expect, ↑experience, ↑explain, ↑exploit, ↑explore, ↑expose, ↑express, ↑focus, ↑formulate, ↑fund, ↑grasp, ↑harness, ↑heal, ↑identify, ↑illuminate, ↑illustrate, ↑imagine, ↑immerse, ↑immunize, ↑implement, ↑incorporate, ↑integrate, ↑intend, ↑investigate, ↑live, ↑master, ↑materialize, ↑mature, ↑offset, ↑open, ↑participate, ↑penetrate, ↑prepare, ↑prepared, ↑process, ↑protect, ↑realize, ↑recognize, ↑recover, ↑regain, ↑register, ↑reimburse, ↑relax, ↑repair, ↑repay, ↑replace, ↑research, ↑resolve, ↑respect, ↑restore, ↑review, ↑revise, ↑service, ↑share, ↑specify, ↑spell, ↑staff, ↑stock, ↑stretch, ↑study, ↑subscribe, ↑succeed, ↑supervise, ↑support, ↑sympathize, ↑test, ↑trust, ↑understand, ↑update, ↑utilize, ↑vet

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