The results of the research should be used for the common good.

do (sb)

You can try talking to her, but I don't think it will do much good.

It will do you good to get out of the house more often.

for sb/sth's good

When the his health problems continued, he resigned for the good of the party.

a force for good

In disadvantaged areas, schools can be a force for good.

for sb's (own) good

I know you don't want to go into the hospital, but it's for your own good.

for the good of sth, good and evil

the struggle between good and evil

a power of good

That break has done me a power of good.

be, feel, look, seem, smell, sound, taste
become, get

She's getting very good at reading now.

dead (BrE), extremely, really, very

a really good movie

especially, particularly

Why ruin a perfectly good story?

fairly, pretty, quite, reasonably

You've done a pretty good job.


The food was surprisingly good.


He's very good at music.


Vegetables are good for you.


She was very good to me when my husband died.


She's good with figures.

Good is used with these nouns: ↑acceleration, ↑access, ↑accommodation, ↑accompaniment, ↑account, ↑acting, ↑actor, actress, ↑administration, ↑advertisement, ↑advice, ↑album, ↑ale, ↑alibi, ↑alternative, ↑amount, ↑analogy, ↑answer, ↑antidote, ↑appetite, ↑approximation, ↑argument, ↑arm, ↑article, ↑assessment, ↑athlete, ↑attendance, ↑attitude, ↑baby, ↑balance, ↑ball, ↑bargain, ↑barometer, ↑barrister, ↑beer, ↑behaviour, ↑bet, ↑bit, ↑blend, ↑bloke, ↑book, ↑boy, ↑brain, ↑breakfast, ↑breeding, ↑builder, ↑bunch, ↑business, ↑businessman, businesswoman, ↑camouflage, ↑campaigner, ↑candidate, ↑care, ↑case, ↑cast, ↑catch, ↑Catholic, ↑cause, ↑champagne, ↑chance, ↑chap, ↑character, ↑chat, ↑chef, ↑child, ↑childhood, ↑choice, ↑cholesterol, ↑Christian, ↑Christmas, ↑chuckle, ↑circulation, ↑citizen, ↑claim, ↑clue, ↑coach, ↑coffee, ↑collection, ↑colour, ↑combination, ↑comeback, ↑command, ↑commentary, ↑common sense, ↑communication, ↑companion, ↑company, ↑comparison, ↑complement, ↑compromise, ↑concentration, ↑condition, ↑conduct, ↑conductor, ↑connection, ↑conscience, ↑consequence, ↑consistency, ↑constitution, ↑contact, ↑contest, ↑conversation, ↑cook, ↑cooking, ↑coordination, ↑copy, ↑correlation, ↑counsel, ↑craftsman, ↑credentials, ↑critic, ↑crop, ↑cross section, ↑crowd, ↑cry, ↑customer, ↑cut, ↑dancer, ↑daughter, ↑day, ↑deal, ↑decision, ↑deed, ↑defence, ↑degree, ↑dentist, ↑description, ↑design, ↑designer, ↑deterrent, ↑dictionary, ↑diet, ↑digestion, ↑dinner, ↑diplomat, ↑direction, ↑discipline, ↑discount, ↑disguise, ↑display, ↑distance, ↑distraction, ↑doctor, ↑dog, ↑driver, ↑driving, ↑ear, ↑eater, ↑education, ↑employer, ↑ending, ↑entertainment, ↑entrepreneur, ↑estimate, ↑evidence, ↑example, ↑excuse, ↑execution, ↑exercise, ↑experience, ↑explanation, ↑eye, ↑eyesight, ↑facility, ↑fairy, ↑faith, ↑father, ↑favour, ↑feedback, ↑feeling, ↑fellow, ↑fight, ↑figure, ↑film, ↑find, ↑finish, ↑fisherman, ↑fishing, ↑fit, ↑flavour, ↑flow, ↑foil, ↑folk, ↑food, ↑football, ↑footballer, ↑footing, ↑footwork, ↑forecast, ↑form, ↑formula, ↑fortune, ↑foundation, ↑friend, ↑friendship, ↑fun, ↑fundamentals, ↑gag, ↑gallop, ↑game, ↑gardener, ↑gauge, ↑goal, ↑goalkeeper, ↑golfer, ↑gossip, ↑government, ↑GP, ↑grade, ↑grammar, ↑grasp, ↑grip, ↑ground, ↑grounding, ↑guess, ↑guide, ↑guideline, ↑guy, ↑gymnast, ↑habit, ↑haircut, ↑hand, ↑handful, ↑handwriting, ↑harbour, ↑harvest, ↑head, ↑health, health service, ↑hearing, ↑heart, ↑holiday, ↑home, ↑horse, ↑host, ↑hotel, ↑housekeeping, ↑housing, ↑humour, ↑husband, ↑hygiene, ↑idea, ↑illumination, ↑illustration, ↑image, ↑imitation, ↑impression, ↑incentive, ↑index, ↑indication, ↑indicator, ↑influence, ↑ingredient, ↑insight, ↑instinct, ↑instrument, ↑intelligence, ↑interviewer, ↑investment, ↑job, ↑joke, ↑journalism, ↑journalist, ↑journey, ↑judge, ↑judgement, ↑kick, ↑kid, ↑kind, ↑lad, ↑land, ↑laugh, ↑lawyer, ↑lead, ↑leader, ↑leadership, ↑leg, ↑lesson, ↑leverage, ↑liaison, ↑liar, ↑library, ↑life, ↑light, ↑lighting, ↑likeness, ↑listener, ↑living, ↑look, ↑loser, ↑lover, ↑luck, ↑man, ↑management, ↑manner, ↑margin, ↑mark, ↑market, ↑marketing, ↑marriage, ↑match, ↑mate, ↑material, ↑mechanic, ↑memory, ↑metaphor, ↑method, ↑mileage, ↑mix, ↑mixture, ↑model, ↑moment, ↑mood, ↑moral, ↑morale, ↑mother, ↑motive, ↑move, ↑movie, ↑mum, ↑music, ↑musician, ↑name, ↑nature, ↑navigation, ↑negotiator, ↑neighbour, ↑neighbourhood, ↑news, ↑novel, ↑number, ↑nutrition, ↑odds, ↑offer, ↑omen, ↑opinion, ↑opportunity, ↑option, ↑outcome, ↑outlook, ↑pace, ↑painter, ↑painting, ↑parent, ↑part, ↑partnership, ↑pass, ↑pension, ↑people, ↑performance, ↑performer, ↑person, ↑photograph, ↑photographer, ↑physique, ↑piece, ↑pitch, ↑place, ↑plan, ↑play, ↑player, ↑ploy, ↑poem, ↑poet, ↑poetry, ↑point, ↑pointer, ↑portion, ↑position, ↑possibility, ↑post, ↑posture, ↑practice, ↑preacher, ↑precedent, ↑prediction, ↑preparation, ↑presentation, ↑price, ↑product, ↑profit, ↑progress, ↑pronunciation, ↑proof, ↑proportion, ↑prospect, ↑protection, ↑pub, ↑publicity, ↑punch, ↑pupil, ↑quality, ↑question, ↑range, ↑rapport, ↑rate, ↑rating, ↑reaction, ↑read, ↑reader, ↑reading, ↑reason, ↑reception, ↑recipe, ↑record, ↑recording, ↑recovery, ↑reference, ↑reflection, ↑reflex, ↑relation, ↑relationship, ↑remedy, ↑reminder, ↑report, ↑representation, ↑reproduction, ↑reputation, ↑resolution, ↑response, ↑rest, ↑restaurant, ↑result, ↑return, ↑review, ↑rhythm, ↑rinse, ↑risk, ↑road, ↑ruler, ↑run, ↑runner, ↑sailor, ↑salary, ↑sale, ↑salesman, ↑sanitation, ↑save, ↑schooling, ↑science, ↑scientist, ↑score, ↑script, ↑scrub, ↑seat, ↑selection, ↑self, ↑sense, ↑sense of humour, ↑servant, ↑service, ↑sex, ↑shake, ↑shape, ↑shop, ↑shot, ↑shove, ↑showing, ↑side, ↑sign, ↑singer, ↑singing, ↑site, ↑size, ↑skill, ↑skin, ↑sleep, ↑smack, ↑sniff, ↑society, ↑soil, ↑soldier, ↑solicitor, ↑solution, ↑son, ↑song, ↑soul, ↑sound, ↑source, ↑speaker, ↑specimen, ↑speech, ↑speed, ↑spell, ↑spot, ↑spread, ↑squad, ↑stab, ↑stance, ↑standing, ↑start, ↑starting point, ↑state, ↑steward, ↑stir, ↑stock, ↑store, ↑story, ↑strategy, ↑stretch, ↑student, ↑subject, ↑substitute, ↑suggestion, ↑suit, ↑sum, ↑summary, ↑summer, ↑suntan, ↑supply, ↑support, ↑surgeon, ↑sweat, ↑swig, ↑swimmer, ↑talk, ↑taste, ↑teacher, ↑teaching, ↑teamwork, ↑temper, ↑temperament, ↑test, ↑testament, ↑theatre, ↑thing, ↑thinking, ↑thought, ↑thrashing, ↑time, ↑timing, ↑tip, ↑tooth, ↑track record, ↑translation, ↑treatment, ↑trick, ↑trip, ↑try, ↑tug, ↑tune, ↑turnout, ↑tutor, ↑tutorial, ↑typist, ↑upbringing, ↑use, ↑value, ↑variety, ↑ventilation, ↑view, ↑visibility, ↑voice, ↑wage, ↑walk, ↑wash, ↑washing, ↑way, ↑weather, ↑while, ↑whisky, ↑wife, ↑wind, ↑wine, ↑wish, ↑woman, ↑word, ↑work, ↑worker, ↑workman, ↑workmanship, ↑workout, ↑writer, ↑writing, ↑yardstick, ↑yarn, ↑year, ↑yield

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