1 where sb lives; where sb/sth comes from
family, marital (BrE), matrimonial (BrE), parental (BrE)

It's unusual for young people over 25 to still live in the family home.

boyhood, childhood
permanent, temporary

a shelter for people with no permanent home

a temporary home for the paintings

current, former
new, old
good, happy, loving, safe, secure (BrE), stable

These children badly need a stable home life.

The garage provides a secure home for your car.


children from a broken home (= whose parents are no longer together)

single-parent, two-parent

More and more children in the school are from single-parent homes.

middle-class, working-class, etc.

The mudflats offer a winter home to thousands of migrating swans.

natural, spiritual

The first time he visited New Orleans he knew he had found his spiritual home.

be away from, get away from, leave

He didn't leave home until he was 24.

abandon, flee

The people abandoned their homes and headed for the hills.

find (sb/sth), give sb/sth

Perhaps we could find a home for the kitten.

address, number

Try calling me on my home number after six o'clock.

background, conditions, environment, life, situation

He came from an appalling home background.

She had never had a stable home life.

comforts (esp. BrE)

She desperately missed her home comforts while camping.

cinema (BrE), entertainment, theater (AmE)

the market for home entertainment systems

movie, video

We have a home movie of my dad teaching me to swim.


This computer is marketed for home use.


a laser printer aimed at the home user


The course is suitable for classroom or home study.

work, worker, working (all esp. BrE)

He supplements his income with part-time or home work.

care, nursing, visit

The doctor was assaulted on a home visit.

remedy, treatment

I've tried all the home remedies for headaches without success.


He went missing while on home leave from prison.


He claimed he had bought the cigarettes for home consumption.

at home, away from home

Her job means she's away from home for weeks at a time.

back home, in your own home
home of

Andalusia, the home of flamenco

a home away from home (AmE), a home from home (BrE)

The hotel's friendly atmosphere makes it a real home (away) from home.

home sweet home (= used to say how pleasant your home is), on the home front (= used to introduce domestic news)

On the home front, the fuel crisis continues to worsen.

welcome home

The banner said ‘Welcome home, Dad!’

2 house, flat/apartment, etc.
beautiful, comfortable, nice
luxurious, luxury, magnificent, palatial
new, new-build (BrE)
custom (AmE)
existing, old
affordable, humble, modest

They found their dream home on the shore of a lake.

detached, semi-detached
terrace, terraced (both BrE)
modern, traditional, Victorian

They designed and built their own home.

rental (AmE), rented
council (BrE)
ranch, tract (both AmE)
country, seaside (esp. BrE), suburban, village (esp. BrE)

He used to spend the summer painting at his country home.

holiday (BrE), second, summer, vacation (AmE), weekend, winter

They also have a weekend home in the Catskills.

caravan (BrE), mobile (esp. AmE), motor (usually motorhome), trailer

The storm wrecked the family's motorhome.

ancestral, historic, stately (BrE)

Priceless antique furniture was destroyed in the fire at the stately home.


He'd always dreamed of owning his own home.

buy, purchase
decorate, furnish
buyer, owner
building, construction
improvement, maintenance, repairs
extension (BrE)
contents (BrE)

Make sure you insure your home contents for an adequate amount.


Fitting a burglar alarm is the most effective way to increase home security.

3 place that provides care for sb/sth
care (esp. BrE), children's, convalescent, foster, nursing, old people's (esp. BrE), residential (BrE), rest, retirement
purpose-built (BrE)

Work begins this week on a purpose-built home for the city's homeless.


They run a retirement home for the elderly.

Home is used with these nouns: ↑address, ↑affair, ↑appliance, ↑arena, ↑batsman, ↑birth, ↑buyer, ↑care, ↑city, ↑comfort, ↑computer, ↑confinement, ↑constituency, ↑construction, ↑consumption, ↑cook, ↑cooking, ↑country, ↑county, ↑crowd, ↑decoration, ↑delivery, ↑district, ↑electronics, ↑entertainment, ↑environment, ↑extension, ↑fan, ↑farm, ↑favourite, ↑fixture, ↑game, ↑gardener, ↑ground, ↑gym, ↑heating, ↑improvement, ↑inspection, ↑inspector, ↑insurance, ↑invasion, ↑kitchen, ↑leave, ↑life, ↑loan, ↑magazine, ↑maintenance, ↑market, ↑match, ↑mortgage, ↑movie, ↑number, ↑nursing, ↑owner, ↑ownership, ↑page, ↑phone, ↑port, ↑purchase, ↑recording, ↑refrigerator, ↑remedy, ↑renovation, ↑repair, ↑rule, ↑run, ↑safety, ↑sale, ↑schooling, ↑security, ↑series, ↑shopping, ↑side, ↑site, ↑stadium, ↑studio, ↑team, ↑territory, ↑theatre, ↑town, ↑truth, ↑turf, ↑use, ↑user, ↑venue, ↑video, ↑viewer, ↑village, ↑visit, ↑visitor, ↑water, ↑win
Home is used with these verbs: ↑drive, ↑head, ↑order, ↑return, ↑ride, ↑run, ↑rush, ↑stay, ↑strike, ↑tap, ↑travel, ↑trudge, ↑walk

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