Largely is used with these adjectives: ↑absent, ↑academic, ↑accurate, ↑anonymous, ↑autonomous, ↑barren, ↑bogus, ↑ceremonial, ↑complete, ↑composed, ↑concentrated, ↑concerned, ↑conservative, ↑consistent, ↑conventional, ↑correct, ↑cosmetic, ↑defensive, ↑defunct, ↑dependent, ↑descriptive, ↑deserted, ↑detached, ↑devoid, ↑empty, ↑engaged, ↑enthusiastic, ↑exempt, ↑explicable, ↑factual, ↑favourable, ↑fictitious, ↑formal, ↑fruitless, ↑futile, ↑identical, ↑ignorant, ↑illiterate, ↑imaginary, ↑immobile, ↑immune, ↑impervious, ↑inaccessible, ↑incapable, ↑incompatible, ↑incomprehensible, ↑inconclusive, ↑independent, ↑indifferent, ↑ineffective, ↑insensitive, ↑instrumental, ↑insulated, ↑intact, ↑invisible, ↑irrelevant, ↑isolated, ↑male, ↑meaningless, ↑misplaced, ↑missing, ↑negative, ↑neglected, ↑obscure, ↑obsolete, ↑opposed, ↑peaceful, ↑powerless, ↑pragmatic, ↑predictable, ↑preventable, ↑redundant, ↑related, ↑responsible, ↑restricted, ↑rural, ↑secular, ↑self-contained, ↑self-sufficient, ↑separate, ↑silent, ↑static, ↑sterile, ↑subjective, ↑successful, ↑superficial, ↑supportive, ↑symbolic, ↑sympathetic, ↑synonymous, ↑theoretical, ↑true, ↑unable, ↑unaffected, ↑unavoidable, ↑unaware, ↑unbroken, ↑unchanged, ↑unconcerned, ↑unconscious, ↑unfamiliar, ↑unfounded, ↑unintelligible, ↑uninterested, ↑united, ↑unknown, ↑unmoved, ↑unnecessary, ↑unnoticed, ↑unscathed, ↑unused, ↑useless, ↑voluntary, ↑worthless
Largely is used with these verbs: ↑abandon, ↑abolish, ↑agree, ↑aim, ↑attribute, ↑avoid, ↑base, ↑cease, ↑confine, ↑consist, ↑contribute, ↑cut, ↑depend, ↑derive, ↑design, ↑destroy, ↑determine, ↑disappear, ↑discard, ↑dominate, ↑eliminate, ↑escape, ↑exclude, ↑feature, ↑figure, ↑finance, ↑focus, ↑function, ↑fund, ↑ignore, ↑influence, ↑maintain, ↑neglect, ↑obscure, ↑offset, ↑overcome, ↑overlook, ↑rebuild, ↑rely, ↑replace, ↑rest, ↑restrict, ↑retain, ↑shape, ↑solve, ↑spare, ↑subordinate, ↑succeed, ↑waste

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