1 get/accept sth

You will automatically receive updates by text message.


They currently receive subsidies from the government.

just, recently

I just received a call from a concerned parent.


Any help or donations will be gratefully received.

be entitled to

You might be entitled to receive housing benefit.

expect to

You can expect to receive compensation for all direct expenses arising out of the accident.


I received a package from my mother.

send and receive, transmit and receive

a device for sending and receiving electronic signals

2 react to sth in a particular way
enthusiastically, favourably/favorably, warmly, well

The play was very well received.


The speech was badly received by Republican leaders.


The news was received with dismay.

Receive is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑aerial, ↑employee, ↑patient, ↑winner
Receive is used with these nouns as the object: ↑acclaim, ↑accolade, ↑acknowledgement, ↑advance, ↑advice, ↑affection, ↑aid, ↑allocation, ↑allowance, ↑answer, ↑antibiotic, ↑apology, ↑applause, ↑appointment, ↑approach, ↑approval, ↑assent, ↑assignment, ↑assistance, ↑assurance, ↑asylum, ↑attention, ↑award, ↑backing, ↑beating, ↑benefit, ↑bequest, ↑bid, ↑bill, ↑blessing, ↑blow, ↑bonus, ↑boost, ↑briefing, ↑broadcast, ↑bursary, ↑call, ↑card, ↑care, ↑caution, ↑certificate, ↑charter, ↑cheque, ↑citizenship, ↑clearance, ↑command, ↑comment, ↑commission, ↑communication, ↑communion, ↑communiqué, ↑compensation, ↑complaint, ↑compliment, ↑confirmation, ↑congratulations, ↑consent, ↑consideration, ↑contract, ↑copy, ↑correspondence, ↑counselling, ↑coupon, ↑coverage, ↑credit, ↑criticism, ↑damage, ↑decoration, ↑degree, ↑delivery, ↑deputation, ↑detention, ↑diagnosis, ↑diploma, ↑directive, ↑discharge, ↑discount, ↑dividend, ↑doctorate, ↑document, ↑donation, ↑dose, ↑education, ↑electric shock, ↑email, ↑emphasis, ↑encouragement, ↑endorsement, ↑enquiry, ↑entry, ↑equivalent, ↑evaluation, ↑exemption, ↑explanation, ↑exposure, ↑expression, ↑extension, ↑favour, ↑fax, ↑fee, ↑feedback, ↑fine, ↑first aid, ↑flower, ↑forgiveness, ↑fund, ↑funding, ↑gift, ↑grade, ↑grant, ↑guarantee, ↑guest, ↑guidance, ↑handout, ↑help, ↑hit, ↑honour, ↑impetus, ↑impression, ↑imprisonment, ↑incentive, ↑income, ↑indication, ↑inducement, ↑influx, ↑information, ↑inheritance, ↑injection, ↑injury, ↑input, ↑instruction, ↑interest, ↑invitation, ↑invoice, ↑jolt, ↑kick, ↑kindness, ↑kiss, ↑knighthood, ↑kudos, ↑legacy, ↑letter, ↑licence, ↑loan, ↑love, ↑mail, ↑maintenance, ↑mandate, ↑mark, ↑massage, ↑medal, ↑medication, ↑memento, ↑memo, ↑mention, ↑merchandise, ↑mercy, ↑message, ↑modification, ↑money, ↑news, ↑nod, ↑notice, ↑notification, ↑nourishment, ↑nutrition, ↑offer, ↑order, ↑ovation, ↑oxygen, ↑package, ↑parcel, ↑pardon, ↑pass, ↑pay, ↑payment, ↑penalty, ↑pension, ↑permission, ↑permit, ↑physiotherapy, ↑plaque, ↑postcard, ↑praise, ↑preference, ↑premiere, ↑premium, ↑preparation, ↑present, ↑prize, ↑probation, ↑promotion, ↑proposal, ↑publicity, ↑punishment, ↑questionnaire, ↑résumé, ↑rainfall, ↑rating, ↑ration, ↑reassurance, ↑rebate, ↑rebuff, ↑rebuke, ↑receipt, ↑reception, ↑recognition, ↑recommendation, ↑recompense, ↑reduction, ↑refund, ↑registration, ↑reinforcement, ↑relief, ↑reminder, ↑rent, ↑reply, ↑report, ↑representation, ↑reprieve, ↑reprimand, ↑request, ↑response, ↑result, ↑return, ↑review, ↑reward, ↑ridicule, ↑royalty, ↑salary, ↑scholarship, ↑schooling, ↑score, ↑sentence, ↑service, ↑setback, ↑settlement, ↑share, ↑shipment, ↑shock, ↑showing, ↑signal, ↑slap, ↑slip, ↑snub, ↑social security, ↑sponsorship, ↑stitch, ↑submission, ↑subscription, ↑subsidy, ↑sum, ↑summons, ↑supervision, ↑supply, ↑support, ↑suspension, ↑telegram, ↑thanks, ↑therapy, ↑threat, ↑ticket, ↑tip-off, ↑total, ↑traffic, ↑training, ↑transfusion, ↑transmission, ↑transplant, ↑treatment, ↑trophy, ↑tuition, ↑ultimatum, ↑update, ↑vaccine, ↑vision, ↑visit, ↑visitor, ↑vote, ↑voucher, ↑wage, ↑warning, ↑welcome, ↑welfare, ↑windfall, ↑wound, ↑writ

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