1 condition
acceptable, fit, good, healthy

She managed to get the company's finances into a healthy state.

appalling (esp. BrE), awful, bad, desperate, dire, dreadful, pitiful, poor, sorry, terrible
run-down (esp. BrE)

We were shocked at the run-down state of the hospital.

emotional, mental, psychological

He's not in a fit enough mental state to drive.


The inspectors assess the physical state of schools and equipment.

current, present
former, previous

You can either varnish the wood or leave it in its natural state.

constant, continual, continuous, permanent, perpetual

The country is in a perpetual state of anarchy.


an advanced state of dehydration


a drug that produces altered states of consciousness

nervous, trance-like

He goes into a trance-like state when he plays the guitar.

persistent vegetative (medical)
get into, go into, reach

The soul continues to be reborn until it has reached a state of perfection.

live in

She continues to live in a state of denial.

get sb/sth into

She uses music to create a particular emotional state.

in a state

Jane was in a terrible state after losing her job.

into a state

She slipped into a state of unconsciousness.

state of

His life seems to be in a constant state of chaos.

be in a good, bad, etc. state of repair (BrE)

The house was in a poor state of repair when we bought it.

given the state of sth

Given the current state of knowledge, it will take years to find a solution.

a state of affairs

The brothers' refusal to work together had brought about this sad state of affairs.

a state of emergency

The government has declared a state of emergency in the flooded regions.

a state of flux

The education system is still in a state of flux following the recent reform.

sb's state of health

He's concerned about his mother's state of health.

a state of mind

Public speaking can produce a state of mind similar to panic.

a state of shock

The driver was just sitting there in a state of shock.

a state of siege, a state of war
2 country/government
city, nation
independent, sovereign
failed, rogue

rogue states that shelter terrorists

democratic, one-party, police, socialist, totalitarian

member states of the European Union

powerful, strong
nanny (esp. BrE)

This latest policy is an example of the nanny state gone mad.

create, establish

They created a modern nation state.


In 1949 China became a communist state.

enterprise, monopoly
control, ownership

The telephone network is still under state control.


Every citizen could buy shares in privatized state property.

sector (esp. BrE), system

Teachers in the state sector are asking for a 7% pay rise.

schools outside the state system

education (= paid for by the government) (BrE)
school (= paid for by the government) (in the UK)

Did you go to a state school or a private school?

school, university (= managed by a state) (in the US)
aid, funding, funds, subsidy, support
benefit, pension (both esp. BrE)

unemployed people living on state benefits

The state pension is barely enough to live on.

intervention (esp. BrE)

large-scale state intervention in industry


the legitimate exercise of state power


Some prefer tax cuts to greater state spending on health and social services.


He was shot for passing state secrets to foreign powers.

affairs of state, matters of state

The president's wife is said to have a powerful hand in affairs of state.

church and state

the separation of church and state

an enemy of the state

her status as an enemy of the state

head of state

Visiting heads of state usually stay at the palace.

the power of the state
the role of the state
3 part of a country
battleground, swing

Both candidates have been campaigning in key battleground states.

blue, red (both AmE)

New Jersey is a blue state (= votes for the Democrats).

red states for Republicans

border, slave (both AmE)

opposition to the Civil War in Kansas and the other border states


A handful of states have introduced similar legislation.


She was selected to represent the state of Texas at the conference.


George W. Bush won the state of Florida.

allow sth, require sth

Most states require all drivers to carry a minimum level of insurance.

pass sth

Thirty states have passed similar legislation.

capital, line (AmE)

It can be a felony to transport wine across state lines.

court, prison

I was a correctional officer out of Utah state prison.

budget, tax
agency, court, government, legislature

Charities are required to register with a state agency.

attorney general (AmE), lawmaker, legislator, official, senator
police, trooper (AmE)
across the state, throughout the state

He roamed throughout the state.

at the state level, on the state level

The legislation must work at both the federal and state levels.

a corner of the state

a farm tucked into the far north-west corner of the state

clearly, plainly

Please state clearly how many tickets you require.

exactly, explicitly, expressly, precisely, specifically

These facts were nowhere explicitly stated.

categorically, unequivocally, with certainty

She stated categorically that she had no intention of leaving.

boldly, proudly
emphatically, firmly
bluntly, flatly, matter-of-factly

‘Alcohol doesn't solve problems,’ she stated flatly.

confidently, with confidence
correctly, rightly
falsely, incorrectly, wrongly (esp. BrE)
openly, publicly

He stated his own views quite openly.

formally, officially
briefly, succinctly
just, merely, simply

I am merely stating the facts.

go on to

The report goes on to state that … 

fail to

The committee failed to state their reasons for this decision.

let sb
as previously stated, as stated earlier, as stated previously

As previously stated, the phrase has an ambiguous meaning.

stated above, stated below

We cannot accept this proposal for the reasons stated above.

state at the outset

Let me state at the outset that this report contains little that is new.

state for the record

Let me state for the record that my knowledge of wine is almost non-existent.

state the obvious

At the risk of stating the obvious, people who have not paid cannot be admitted.

unless otherwise stated, unless stated otherwise

All the photographs in this book, unless otherwise stated, date from the 1950s.

State is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑act, ↑advert, ↑advertisement, ↑article, ↑counsel, ↑document, ↑email, ↑guideline, ↑letter, ↑message, ↑participant, ↑report, ↑resolution, ↑rule, ↑sign, ↑witness
State is used with these nouns as the object: ↑belief, ↑case, ↑desire, ↑fact, ↑intention, ↑objection, ↑objective, ↑opinion, ↑preference, ↑reason, ↑view
State is used with these nouns: ↑action, ↑administration, ↑agency, ↑aid, ↑airline, ↑apartment, ↑apparatus, ↑archive, ↑assembly, ↑asset, ↑association, ↑banquet, ↑benefit, ↑boundary, ↑budget, ↑bureaucracy, ↑bureaucrat, ↑capital, ↑capitalism, ↑censorship, ↑census, ↑champion, ↑championship, ↑charter, ↑college, ↑commission, ↑commissioner, ↑constitution, ↑control, ↑convention, ↑council, ↑custody, ↑delegation, ↑department, ↑dinner, ↑education, ↑election, ↑emergency, ↑employee, ↑enterprise, ↑execution, ↑expenditure, ↑facility, ↑fair, ↑farm, ↑federation, ↑final, ↑finance, ↑fund, ↑funding, ↑funeral, ↑government, ↑governor, ↑grant, ↑guideline, ↑handout, ↑hospital, ↑inmate, ↑institution, ↑insurance, ↑interference, ↑intervention, ↑investment, ↑land, ↑law, ↑legislation, ↑legislature, ↑library, ↑line, ↑lottery, ↑machine, ↑mandate, ↑militia, ↑monopoly, ↑motto, ↑occasion, ↑office, ↑official, ↑opening, ↑organization, ↑ownership, ↑park, ↑parliament, ↑pension, ↑police, ↑premier, ↑propaganda, ↑prosecutor, ↑provision, ↑radio, ↑railway, ↑recognition, ↑regulation, ↑religion, ↑representative, ↑repression, ↑restriction, ↑revenue, ↑school, ↑secret, ↑secretary, ↑sector, ↑security, ↑senator, ↑socialism, ↑sovereignty, ↑spending, ↑sponsor, ↑sponsorship, ↑standard, ↑statute, ↑steward, ↑subsidy, ↑support, ↑system, ↑tax, ↑taxation, ↑television, ↑terror, ↑terrorism, ↑transportation, ↑treasurer, ↑trial, ↑university, ↑veterinarian, ↑visit, ↑voter, ↑welfare, ↑witness

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