1 most important

This distinction is of absolutely central importance.


These facts are central to the case.

2 easily reached
fairly, quite, very

Our house is very central, so we can easily get around.

Central is used with these nouns: ↑administration, ↑aim, ↑area, ↑argument, ↑aspect, ↑authority, ↑bank, ↑banking, ↑belief, ↑belt, ↑branch, ↑character, ↑claim, ↑command, ↑committee, ↑component, ↑concept, ↑core, ↑corridor, ↑courtyard, ↑database, ↑demand, ↑dilemma, ↑district, ↑doctrine, ↑dogma, ↑executive, ↑facility, ↑feature, ↑figure, ↑focus, ↑fund, ↑funding, ↑government, ↑heating, ↑idea, ↑importance, ↑institution, ↑issue, ↑library, ↑location, ↑message, ↑metaphor, ↑motif, ↑mystery, ↑office, ↑organ, ↑paradox, ↑part, ↑performance, ↑place, ↑plank, ↑planning, ↑plateau, ↑point, ↑portion, ↑position, ↑preoccupation, ↑principle, ↑problem, ↑proposition, ↑province, ↑question, ↑recommendation, ↑region, ↑register, ↑registry, ↑role, ↑square, ↑staircase, ↑task, ↑theme, ↑thesis, ↑thread, ↑thrust, ↑topic, ↑truth, ↑zone

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