Develop is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑argument, ↑bud, ↑cell, ↑child, ↑complication, ↑crack, ↑culture, ↑developer, ↑disease, ↑economy, ↑embryo, ↑engineer, ↑firm, ↑friendship, ↑immunity, ↑industry, ↑infection, ↑intimacy, ↑market, ↑movement, ↑patient, ↑pattern, ↑plant, ↑plot, ↑practice, ↑programmer, ↑rash, ↑relationship, ↑religion, ↑rift, ↑row, ↑scandal, ↑scientist, ↑shoot, ↑situation, ↑symptom, ↑team, ↑technology, ↑trend
Develop is used with these nouns as the object: ↑ability, ↑abscess, ↑acne, ↑adaptation, ↑affection, ↑AIDS, ↑allergy, ↑alliance, ↑alternative, ↑appetite, ↑application, ↑appreciation, ↑approach, ↑argument, ↑arrangement, ↑arthritis, ↑asthma, ↑attachment, ↑aversion, ↑awareness, ↑base, ↑blueprint, ↑bomb, ↑bond, ↑cancer, ↑capability, ↑capacity, ↑cataract, ↑category, ↑character, ↑chip, ↑classification, ↑clientele, ↑colic, ↑competence, ↑complex, ↑complication, ↑compound, ↑concept, ↑conception, ↑confidence, ↑consciousness, ↑consensus, ↑contact, ↑coordination, ↑cough, ↑course, ↑craving, ↑creativity, ↑criterion, ↑critique, ↑crush, ↑culture, ↑cure, ↑curriculum, ↑depression, ↑design, ↑device, ↑diarrhoea, ↑disease, ↑dislike, ↑disorder, ↑doctrine, ↑drug, ↑economy, ↑empathy, ↑expertise, ↑faculty, ↑fascination, ↑fault, ↑feeling, ↑fever, ↑film, ↑flair, ↑fluency, ↑fondness, ↑framework, ↑friendship, ↑gadget, ↑game, ↑gangrene, ↑guideline, ↑habit, ↑hardware, ↑headache, ↑hierarchy, ↑hypothesis, ↑idea, ↑identity, ↑illness, ↑immunity, ↑indicator, ↑industry, ↑infection, ↑initiative, ↑innovation, ↑instinct, ↑instrument, ↑interest, ↑intimacy, ↑knack, ↑land, ↑leak, ↑leukaemia, ↑liking, ↑link, ↑literacy, ↑loathing, ↑love, ↑market, ↑means, ↑metaphor, ↑method, ↑model, ↑narrative, ↑negative, ↑network, ↑niche, ↑package, ↑park, ↑partnership, ↑passion, ↑personality, ↑philosophy, ↑phobia, ↑photograph, ↑picture, ↑plan, ↑pneumonia, ↑policy, ↑potential, ↑power, ↑problem, ↑product, ↑proficiency, ↑profile, ↑program, ↑programme, ↑project, ↑proposal, ↑prototype, ↑questionnaire, ↑range, ↑rapport, ↑rash, ↑recommendation, ↑recurrence, ↑relation, ↑relationship, ↑repertoire, ↑reputation, ↑resistance, ↑rhythm, ↑root, ↑rule, ↑scale, ↑scenario, ↑schizophrenia, ↑self-confidence, ↑self-control, ↑sense, ↑sensitivity, ↑shoot, ↑shopping centre, ↑side effect, ↑sideline, ↑simulation, ↑site, ↑skill, ↑slide, ↑software, ↑solution, ↑sore, ↑sound, ↑specification, ↑spirit, ↑stammer, ↑standard, ↑strategy, ↑structure, ↑style, ↑syllabus, ↑symptom, ↑syndrome, ↑system, ↑talent, ↑taste, ↑technique, ↑technology, ↑theme, ↑theory, ↑thesis, ↑thinking, ↑tie, ↑tolerance, ↑tool, ↑trade, ↑trait, ↑trust, ↑tumour, ↑twitch, ↑understanding, ↑vaccine, ↑variety, ↑version, ↑virus, ↑vision, ↑vocabulary, ↑way, ↑weakness, ↑weapon, ↑website

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