merely, purely, strictly

The distinction being made is purely academic.

largely, rather, somewhat
overly (esp. AmE)

The writers' approach is not overly academic.

Academic is used with these nouns: ↑ability, ↑achievement, ↑appointment, ↑arena, ↑article, ↑aspiration, ↑background, ↑blog, ↑boycott, ↑brilliance, ↑calendar, ↑career, ↑circle, ↑colleague, ↑community, ↑competence, ↑conference, ↑controversy, ↑course, ↑credentials, ↑criticism, ↑culture, ↑curriculum, ↑debate, ↑discipline, ↑discussion, ↑distinction, ↑economist, ↑enquiry, ↑enterprise, ↑establishment, ↑excellence, ↑exchange, ↑exercise, ↑expertise, ↑failure, ↑field, ↑freedom, ↑gown, ↑historian, ↑honour, ↑institution, ↑integrity, ↑interest, ↑jargon, ↑journal, ↑lawyer, ↑librarian, ↑library, ↑life, ↑medicine, ↑merit, ↑opinion, ↑peer, ↑performance, ↑preparation, ↑prestige, ↑proficiency, ↑programme, ↑progress, ↑prose, ↑prowess, ↑psychologist, ↑psychology, ↑publication, ↑publisher, ↑publishing, ↑pursuit, ↑qualification, ↑question, ↑record, ↑referee, ↑reputation, ↑requirement, ↑research, ↑researcher, ↑respectability, ↑rigour, ↑scholarship, ↑setting, ↑specialist, ↑specialization, ↑sphere, ↑staff, ↑standard, ↑standing, ↑study, ↑subject, ↑success, ↑tenure, ↑text, ↑theology, ↑tradition, ↑training, ↑work, ↑world, ↑writer, ↑writing, ↑year

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