home-grown (esp. BrE), local
agricultural, dairy (esp. BrE), farm, garden, organic

fresh farm produce

conventional, non-organic

There was limited access to quality produce.

export, market, sell

I buy my produce directly from farmers.


I'm eating more fresh produce than ever.

domestically, locally

fruit and vegetables that are produced locally

commercially, industrially
artificially, synthetically

organically produced food


the sale of sustainably produced timber


the 700 million bottles of Bordeaux produced annually


the sounds that are typically produced by an American orchestra


The changes have not consistently produced the desired results.

efficiently, slickly

These goods are more efficiently produced in small associations.

a slickly produced thriller

beautifully, handsomely, lavishly

this handsomely produced reference work


a professionally produced CD


The series was obviously cheaply produced.

be able to, can, manage to
be unable to, cannot
may, might
be expected to, be likely to

Which method is likely to produce the best results?

help (to)
intend to

He moved to California intending to produce a third novel.

combine to, interact to

All of these processes combine to produce a particular form of language.

be designed to
use sth to

The technology can be used to produce interactive educational programs.


The wine is produced from Chardonnay grapes.


The letter has been produced with digital technology.

Produce is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑artist, ↑company, ↑country, ↑economy, ↑effort, ↑factory, ↑farm, ↑firm, ↑generator, ↑industry, ↑meeting, ↑mill, ↑mine, ↑nature, ↑plant, ↑research, ↑talk, ↑tree
Produce is used with these nouns as the object: ↑abundance, ↑acid, ↑adaptation, ↑album, ↑armaments, ↑art, ↑article, ↑baby, ↑backlash, ↑beef, ↑benefit, ↑berry, ↑biography, ↑bloom, ↑blossom, ↑brandy, ↑brief, ↑brochure, ↑bulletin, ↑calf, ↑car, ↑carbon dioxide, ↑catalogue, ↑CD, ↑CD-ROM, ↑change, ↑charcoal, ↑checklist, ↑chemical, ↑chip, ↑cloth, ↑coal, ↑coke, ↑collection, ↑commodity, ↑compound, ↑copper, ↑copy, ↑corn, ↑crop, ↑culture, ↑current, ↑decrease, ↑defect, ↑design, ↑directory, ↑disc, ↑dividend, ↑document, ↑documentary, ↑draft, ↑drama, ↑drug, ↑DVD, ↑echo, ↑edition, ↑effect, ↑egg, ↑electricity, ↑embryo, ↑emission, ↑energy, ↑equivalent, ↑estimate, ↑euphoria, ↑evidence, ↑fabric, ↑film, ↑finish, ↑fit, ↑flow, ↑flower, ↑fluctuation, ↑food, ↑force, ↑forecast, ↑friction, ↑fruit, ↑fuel, ↑fumes, ↑gain, ↑gas, ↑gold, ↑goods, ↑grain, ↑graph, ↑graphics, ↑gun, ↑heat, ↑heir, ↑honey, ↑hormone, ↑idea, ↑identification, ↑illusion, ↑image, ↑imagery, ↑improvement, ↑increase, ↑insight, ↑inventory, ↑iron, ↑journal, ↑knife, ↑leaf, ↑leaflet, ↑light, ↑magazine, ↑manual, ↑map, ↑masterpiece, ↑material, ↑milk, ↑miracle, ↑model, ↑movement, ↑movie, ↑mucus, ↑mural, ↑music, ↑mutation, ↑narrative, ↑negative, ↑newspaper, ↑noise, ↑novel, ↑odour, ↑oil, ↑outcome, ↑output, ↑oxygen, ↑ozone, ↑package, ↑painting, ↑pamphlet, ↑paper, ↑pass, ↑passport, ↑pattern, ↑performance, ↑piece, ↑pistol, ↑plastic, ↑plutonium, ↑pollen, ↑pollution, ↑pottery, ↑power, ↑product, ↑profit, ↑proof, prospectus, ↑protein, ↑prototype, ↑radioactivity, ↑range, ↑reaction, ↑receipt, ↑recommendation, ↑record, ↑recording, ↑reduction, ↑replica, ↑reply, ↑report, ↑representation, ↑research, ↑response, ↑result, ↑return, ↑revenue, ↑rice, ↑saliva, ↑save, ↑saving, ↑seed, ↑sensation, ↑settlement, ↑shadow, ↑shift, ↑shoot, ↑side effect, ↑signal, ↑silk, ↑single, ↑slime, ↑solution, ↑sound, ↑spark, ↑sperm, ↑statistics, ↑steam, ↑steel, ↑stereotype, ↑substance, ↑substitute, ↑sugar, ↑supply, ↑surplus, ↑symptom, ↑syndrome, ↑text, ↑theory, ↑tornado, ↑torrent, ↑track, ↑trail, ↑translation, ↑unit, ↑uranium, ↑vacuum, ↑version, ↑vibration, ↑victory, ↑video, ↑voltage, ↑waste, ↑wave, ↑wealth, ↑weapon, ↑whisky, ↑wine, ↑wool, ↑work, ↑yield

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