The country has twice been occupied by foreign militaries.

all-volunteer, professional, regular, volunteer
powerful, strong
active, active-duty
serve in

I wasn't surprised to learn that he'd served in the military.

enter, join

Coghlan joined the military and served in the war.


He left the military in 1993 and became a security guard.

call in

The government called in the military to deal with the riots.


The country maintains a strong military purely for defence/defense.

modernize, reform, transform

efforts to transform the military into a 21st-century fighting force

seize power, take power
kill sb
among the military, in the military, within the military

reports of growing discontent among the military

a member of the military
Military is used with these nouns: ↑academy, ↑action, ↑activity, ↑administration, ↑advantage, ↑adventure, ↑adviser, ↑affair, ↑aggression, ↑aid, ↑aircraft, ↑airport, ↑alignment, ↑alliance, ↑analyst, ↑aspect, ↑assault, ↑asset, ↑assistance, ↑authority, ↑background, ↑balance, ↑band, ↑barracks, ↑base, ↑bloc, ↑blockade, ↑budget, ↑build-up, ↑cadet, ↑camp, ↑campaign, ↑capability, ↑career, ↑cargo, ↑casualty, ↑cemetery, ↑censorship, ↑character, ↑checkpoint, ↑chief, ↑college, ↑command, ↑commander, ↑commitment, ↑complex, ↑compound, ↑conflict, ↑confrontation, ↑conquest, ↑conscription, ↑contingent, ↑contract, ↑contractor, ↑control, ↑convoy, ↑cooperation, ↑coup, ↑court, ↑crackdown, ↑credentials, ↑custody, ↑decoration, ↑defeat, ↑delegation, ↑deployment, ↑detention, ↑dictatorship, ↑disaster, ↑discipline, ↑district, ↑doctor, ↑doctrine, ↑dominance, ↑domination, ↑draft, ↑dress, ↑duty, ↑education, ↑effectiveness, ↑elite, ↑emergency, ↑equipment, ↑escalation, ↑escort, ↑establishment, ↑exercise, ↑expansion, ↑expedition, ↑expenditure, ↑expert, ↑exploit, ↑facility, ↑faction, ↑failure, ↑family, ↑fatigue, ↑flight, ↑force, ↑formation, ↑funeral, ↑gain, ↑genius, ↑glory, ↑government, ↑governor, ↑guard, ↑haircut, ↑hardware, ↑headquarters, ↑helicopter, ↑hero, ↑hierarchy, ↑historian, ↑history, ↑honour, ↑hospital, ↑importance, ↑institution, ↑intelligence, ↑intervention, ↑invasion, ↑involvement, ↑jargon, ↑jet, ↑junta, ↑lawyer, ↑leader, ↑leadership, ↑liaison, ↑link, ↑machine, ↑manoeuvre, ↑manpower, ↑march, ↑means, ↑member, ↑mission, ↑move, ↑museum, ↑necessity, ↑objective, ↑observer, ↑occupation, ↑offensive, ↑officer, ↑official, ↑operation, ↑parade, ↑patrol, ↑personnel, ↑pilot, ↑planning, ↑point of view, ↑police, ↑policeman, ↑position, ↑posture, ↑power, ↑precision, ↑preparation, ↑presence, ↑president, ↑prison, ↑prowess, ↑readiness, ↑rebellion, ↑reconnaissance, ↑record, ↑recruit, ↑recruitment, ↑regime, ↑representative, ↑repression, ↑reprisal, ↑research, ↑resistance, ↑retaliation, ↑roadblock, ↑role, ↑rule, ↑ruler, ↑salute, ↑sanction, ↑satellite, ↑school, ↑secret, ↑service, ↑setback, ↑ship, ↑showdown, ↑siege, ↑situation, ↑skill, ↑slang, ↑solution, ↑source, ↑spending, ↑sphere, ↑standpoint, ↑strategy, ↑strength, ↑strike, ↑success, ↑superior, ↑superiority, ↑supply, ↑support, ↑supremacy, ↑surveillance, ↑tactic, ↑takeover, ↑target, ↑technology, ↑thinking, ↑threat, ↑tradition, ↑training, ↑transport, ↑tribunal, ↑triumph, ↑truck, ↑uniform, ↑unit, ↑uprising, ↑utility, ↑vehicle, ↑veteran, ↑victory, ↑wing, ↑withdrawal, ↑zone

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