Slightly is used with these adjectives: ↑abashed, ↑absurd, ↑afraid, ↑aggrieved, ↑agitated, ↑ajar, ↑alarmed, ↑alarming, ↑aloof, ↑ambiguous, ↑amused, ↑amusing, ↑angry, ↑annoyed, ↑annoying, ↑anxious, ↑apologetic, ↑apprehensive, ↑artificial, ↑ashamed, ↑awkward, ↑battered, ↑bemused, ↑bent, ↑better, ↑bewildered, ↑bewildering, ↑biased, ↑big, ↑bitter, ↑bizarre, ↑bored, ↑boring, ↑breathless, ↑breezy, ↑busy, ↑careful, ↑careless, ↑cautious, ↑chaotic, ↑charred, ↑chilly, ↑claustrophobic, ↑cloudy, ↑comic, ↑comical, ↑common, ↑complicated, ↑concerned, ↑confused, ↑confusing, ↑contrived, ↑cool, ↑cracked, ↑crazy, ↑creepy, ↑critical, ↑cross, ↑crowded, ↑cruel, ↑curious, ↑curly, ↑cynical, ↑damp, ↑dangerous, ↑daring, ↑dark, ↑dated, ↑dazed, ↑deaf, ↑defective, ↑defensive, ↑deficient, ↑deformed, ↑degrading, ↑dejected, ↑depressed, ↑depressing, ↑deranged, ↑desperate, ↑despondent, ↑detached, ↑different, ↑difficult, ↑dirty, ↑disadvantaged, ↑disappointed, ↑disappointing, ↑disapproving, ↑disconcerting, ↑disgusted, ↑disillusioned, ↑dismissive, ↑disorganized, ↑disreputable, ↑dissatisfied, ↑distant, ↑distasteful, ↑distracted, ↑disturbed, ↑disturbing, ↑doubtful, ↑drunk, ↑dry, ↑dubious, ↑dull, ↑early, ↑eccentric, ↑edgy, ↑eerie, ↑embarrassed, ↑embarrassing, ↑enigmatic, ↑envious, ↑erratic, ↑excessive, ↑excited, ↑expensive, ↑extravagant, ↑false, ↑far-fetched, ↑fast, ↑fearful, ↑fed up, ↑fickle, ↑fishy, ↑flattered, ↑flawed, ↑flushed, ↑foolish, ↑foreign, ↑formidable, ↑frantic, ↑frightened, ↑frightening, ↑frustrated, ↑frustrating, ↑funny, ↑furtive, ↑fuzzy, ↑giddy, ↑grey, ↑guilty, ↑handicapped, ↑hard, ↑harsh, ↑hazy, ↑hoarse, ↑homesick, ↑hot, ↑humorous, ↑hungry, ↑hurt, ↑hysterical, ↑ill, ↑illogical, ↑immature, ↑impatient, ↑imperfect, ↑impersonal, ↑impressed, ↑inaccurate, ↑inclined, ↑incongruous, ↑inconvenient, ↑indignant, ↑inferior, ↑inhibited, ↑injured, ↑insane, ↑insecure, ↑insensitive, ↑insulting, ↑ironic, ↑irregular, ↑irresponsible, ↑irritated, ↑irritating, ↑jealous, ↑lacking, ↑lame, ↑late, ↑lazy, ↑light-headed, ↑limited, ↑loaded, ↑lonely, ↑long, ↑loose, ↑low, ↑mad, ↑mean, ↑menacing, ↑misleading, ↑moist, ↑muddled, ↑muddy, ↑muted, ↑naive, ↑narrow, ↑negative, ↑nervous, ↑noisy, ↑obvious, ↑odd, ↑off-putting, ↑oily, ↑old-fashioned, ↑one-sided, ↑opaque, ↑open, ↑optimistic, ↑overdrawn, ↑overweight, ↑pained, ↑painful, ↑pale, ↑patchy, ↑patronizing, ↑peculiar, ↑peeved, ↑perplexed, ↑perverse, ↑pointless, ↑prejudiced, ↑preoccupied, ↑purple, ↑puzzled, ↑radioactive, ↑red, ↑relieved, ↑reluctant, ↑reminiscent, ↑repellent, ↑repetitive, ↑repressed, ↑repulsive, ↑resentful, ↑retarded, ↑ridiculous, ↑risky, ↑rounded, ↑rude, ↑sad, ↑sarcastic, ↑scared, ↑sceptical, ↑self-conscious, ↑selfish, ↑sensitive, ↑shaken, ↑shaky, ↑shocked, ↑shocking, ↑short, ↑shy, ↑silly, ↑simplistic, ↑sinister, ↑slack, ↑sleepy, ↑slimy, ↑slippery, ↑slow, ↑small, ↑smug, ↑soft, ↑soluble, ↑sorry, ↑sour, ↑spicy, ↑spooky, ↑stale, ↑startled, ↑sticky, ↑stiff, ↑strained, ↑strange, ↑stressed, ↑stressful, ↑stunned, ↑stupid, ↑subdued, ↑superior, ↑surprised, ↑surprising, ↑suspect, ↑suspicious, ↑sweaty, ↑sweet, ↑swollen, ↑tame, ↑tanned, ↑tearful, ↑technical, ↑tedious, ↑temperamental, ↑tender, ↑tense, ↑thin, ↑threadbare, ↑tight, ↑tired, ↑tough, ↑transparent, ↑troubled, ↑unbalanced, ↑uncertain, ↑uncomfortable, ↑undignified, ↑undone, ↑uneasy, ↑unfair, ↑unfit, ↑unhappy, ↑unlikely, ↑unlucky, ↑unnatural, ↑unorthodox, ↑unpleasant, ↑unreal, ↑unreasonable, ↑unsure, ↑untidy, ↑unusual, ↑upset, ↑uptight, ↑vague, ↑warm, ↑wary, ↑weak, ↑weary, ↑weird, ↑wet, ↑wild, ↑wobbly, ↑worried, ↑worrying, ↑worse, ↑wrinkled
Slightly is used with these verbs: ↑ache, ↑adjust, ↑affect, ↑aggravate, ↑alter, ↑bend, ↑blush, ↑bob, ↑bow, ↑brighten, ↑change, ↑chuckle, ↑concern, ↑confuse, ↑cool, ↑cough, ↑creak, ↑crease, ↑crush, ↑curl, ↑curve, ↑damage, ↑decline, ↑decrease, ↑delay, ↑dent, ↑deviate, ↑differ, ↑dilute, ↑dip, ↑distort, ↑diverge, ↑drop, ↑ease, ↑echo, ↑enlarge, ↑exaggerate, ↑exceed, ↑fall, ↑falter, ↑favour, ↑fidget, ↑flicker, ↑flinch, ↑flush, ↑frown, ↑gape, ↑grimace, ↑grin, ↑groan, ↑grow, ↑growl, ↑hesitate, ↑hurt, ↑illuminate, ↑improve, ↑incline, ↑increase, ↑influence, ↑inhibit, ↑injure, ↑irritate, ↑jump, ↑laugh, ↑leak, ↑lean, ↑lift, ↑limp, ↑lurch, ↑moan, ↑modify, ↑narrow, ↑nod, ↑obscure, ↑offend, ↑outnumber, ↑overlap, ↑pant, ↑perspire, ↑pout, ↑prefer, ↑rain, ↑recede, ↑recoil, ↑reduce, ↑refine, ↑relax, ↑revise, ↑rise, ↑rock, ↑roll, ↑rustle, ↑sadden, ↑sag, ↑scowl, ↑shake, ↑shift, ↑shiver, ↑shorten, ↑shrink, ↑shrug, ↑shudder, ↑simplify, ↑slacken, ↑slope, ↑slow, ↑smack, ↑smell, ↑smile, ↑soften, ↑spoil, ↑stagger, ↑stir, ↑stumble, ↑subside, ↑surprise, ↑sway, ↑sweat, ↑swell, ↑tarnish, ↑taste, ↑tighten, ↑tilt, ↑trail, ↑tremble, ↑twist, ↑twitch, ↑underestimate, ↑vary, ↑vibrate, ↑warm, ↑wave, ↑weaken, ↑wet, ↑whimper, ↑widen, ↑wince, ↑worry, ↑wound

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