be, look
become, grow

Her eyes grew huge in astonishment.

pretty, really

This is a really huge amount of money.


Their house is absolutely huge!


There's a potentially huge demand for this product.

Huge is used with these nouns: ↑accomplishment, ↑advantage, ↑amount, ↑appetite, ↑arc, ↑area, ↑army, ↑array, ↑auditorium, ↑backlog, ↑bang, ↑bank, ↑beast, ↑believer, ↑belly, ↑benefit, ↑bet, ↑bill, ↑blast, ↑blaze, ↑block, ↑bloom, ↑blow, ↑blunder, ↑bomb, ↑bonus, ↑boon, ↑boost, ↑bouquet, ↑breakthrough, ↑budget, ↑building, ↑bulk, ↑bump, ↑bunch, ↑burden, ↑bureaucracy, ↑burst, ↑campaign, ↑cast, ↑catch, ↑challenge, ↑chasm, ↑cheer, ↑chest, ↑chunk, ↑city, ↑closet, ↑cloud, ↑collection, ↑colony, ↑column, ↑commotion, ↑complex, ↑conglomerate, ↑contract, ↑contribution, ↑corporation, ↑cost, ↑crack, ↑crash, ↑crater, ↑creature, ↑crowd, ↑crush, ↑cut, ↑debt, ↑deficit, ↑demand, ↑demonstration, ↑dent, ↑desk, ↑difference, ↑disadvantage, ↑disappointment, ↑disaster, ↑discount, ↑discrepancy, ↑disparity, ↑distance, ↑distraction, ↑dividend, ↑door, ↑drop, ↑earthquake, ↑effort, ↑ego, ↑embarrassment, ↑emphasis, ↑empire, ↑enjoyment, ↑estate, ↑exaggeration, ↑expanse, ↑expansion, ↑expenditure, ↑expense, ↑explosion, ↑eye, ↑fan, ↑favour, ↑favourite, ↑feast, ↑fee, ↑festival, ↑fight, ↑fine, ↑fire, ↑fireplace, ↑fist, ↑fleet, ↑flower, ↑following, ↑fuss, ↑gain, ↑gamble, ↑gap, ↑grin, ↑gulf, ↑gulp, ↑gust, ↑hall, ↑headache, ↑help, ↑helping, ↑herd, ↑hit, ↑hole, ↑house, ↑hug, ↑idol, ↑imbalance, ↑impact, ↑impression, ↑improvement, ↑incentive, ↑increase, ↑influx, ↑investment, ↑jigsaw, ↑joke, ↑kick, ↑kitchen, ↑lake, ↑lead, ↑leap, ↑library, ↑lift, ↑loophole, ↑lorry, ↑loss, ↑lump, ↑machine, ↑majority, ↑mall, ↑mansion, ↑margin, ↑market, ↑marquee, ↑mess, ↑miscalculation, ↑mistake, ↑monster, ↑mortgage, ↑mound, ↑mouth, ↑mouthful, ↑mural, ↑nose, ↑number, ↑obstacle, ↑office, ↑outcry, ↑outlay, ↑ovation, ↑overdraft, ↑palace, ↑part, ↑penis, ↑percentage, ↑piece, ↑pile, ↑pillar, ↑pool, ↑popularity, ↑portion, ↑potential, ↑problem, ↑profit, ↑project, ↑proportion, ↑quantity, ↑question mark, ↑rally, ↑range, ↑reduction, ↑relief, ↑reserve, ↑reservoir, ↑responsibility, ↑reward, ↑rise, ↑risk, ↑roar, ↑role, ↑room, ↑row, ↑sacrifice, ↑salary, ↑sale, ↑saving, ↑scale, ↑scope, ↑screen, ↑selection, ↑set, ↑setback, ↑settlement, ↑shake-up, ↑shape, ↑shift, ↑shock, ↑shopping centre, ↑shoulder, ↑sigh, ↑skyscraper, ↑slab, ↑slice, ↑smile, ↑snake, ↑spider, ↑splash, ↑statue, ↑step, ↑stock, ↑story, ↑stretch, ↑stride, ↑subsidy, ↑success, ↑sum, ↑surge, ↑surplus, ↑surprise, ↑swing, ↑table, ↑tanker, ↑task, ↑tear, ↑temptation, ↑thank you, ↑thigh, ↑toll, ↑tooth, ↑total, ↑traffic jam, ↑tree, ↑trouble, ↑truck, ↑turnout, ↑undertaking, ↑unemployment, ↑uproar, ↑upset, ↑upsurge, ↑variety, ↑victory, ↑void, ↑volume, ↑vote, ↑waste, ↑wave, ↑window, ↑workload, ↑yard, ↑yawn

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