a buffet dinner, kindly provided by club members

free, free of charge

Careers advice is provided free of charge.

be able to, can
aim to, seek to, try to

We try to provide the best possible medical care.

fail to
be designed to, be intended to

The grants were intended to provide financial help to unemployed workers.

be expected to

The report was not expected to provide any answers.

be likely to, be unlikely to

The organization provides food and shelter for refugees.


The agency provides legal services to farmers.


He provided us with a lot of useful information.

Provide is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑article, ↑chapter, ↑clinic, ↑constitution, ↑council, ↑design, ↑district, ↑essay, ↑finding, health service, ↑hotel, ↑institute, ↑manual, ↑nature, ↑page, ↑program, ↑programme, ↑record, ↑report, ↑result, ↑rule, ↑satellite, ↑scheme, ↑study, ↑system, ↑text, ↑tree, ↑website, ↑writing
Provide is used with these nouns as the object: ↑abundance, ↑access, ↑accommodation, ↑accompaniment, ↑account, ↑advice, ↑aid, ↑alibi, ↑alternative, ↑amenity, ↑amusement, ↑answer, ↑antidote, ↑approximation, ↑arena, ↑array, ↑assessment, ↑assistance, ↑assurance, ↑atmosphere, ↑avenue, ↑backdrop, ↑background, ↑backing, ↑base, ↑basis, ↑benefit, ↑bibliography, ↑blueprint, ↑boost, ↑breakdown, ↑buffer, ↑camouflage, ↑capital, ↑care, ↑challenge, ↑chance, ↑check, ↑checklist, ↑clarity, ↑closure, ↑clue, ↑coherence, ↑commentary, ↑companionship, ↑company, ↑compensation, ↑competition, ↑condom, ↑confirmation, ↑consent, ↑consistency, ↑consolation, ↑consultation, ↑consumer, ↑contact, ↑content, ↑context, ↑continuity, ↑contraception, ↑contrast, ↑convenience, ↑coordination, ↑counsel, ↑counselling, ↑cover, ↑coverage, ↑crèche, ↑credibility, ↑credit, ↑critique, ↑cue, ↑cure, ↑data, ↑definition, ↑demonstration, ↑depth, ↑description, ↑detail, ↑deterrent, ↑diagnosis, ↑dimension, ↑direction, ↑distraction, ↑diversion, ↑education, ↑efficiency, ↑electricity, ↑employment, ↑encouragement, ↑energy, ↑enjoyment, ↑entertainment, ↑environment, ↑equipment, ↑equivalent, ↑escape, ↑escort, ↑essentials, ↑estimate, ↑evidence, ↑example, ↑excerpt, ↑excuse, ↑exemption, ↑experience, ↑expertise, ↑explanation, ↑exposure, ↑facility, ↑feast, ↑feedback, ↑finale, ↑finance, ↑finish, ↑flavour, ↑flexibility, ↑flow, ↑focal point, ↑focus, ↑foil, ↑food, ↑foothold, ↑footing, ↑force, ↑forecast, ↑formula, ↑forum, ↑foundation, ↑framework, ↑freedom, ↑fuel, ↑fulfilment, ↑fund, ↑funding, ↑glimpse, ↑goods, ↑grant, ↑grounding, ↑groundwork, ↑guarantee, ↑guidance, ↑guide, ↑guideline, ↑habitat, ↑hardware, ↑haven, ↑heat, ↑heating, ↑help, ↑hope, ↑hospitality, ↑housing, ↑identification, ↑illumination, ↑illusion, ↑illustration, ↑imagery, ↑immunity, ↑impediment, ↑impetus, ↑impression, ↑improvement, ↑incentive, ↑income, ↑index, ↑indication, ↑indicator, ↑inducement, ↑information, ↑ingredient, ↑injection, ↑input, ↑insight, ↑inspiration, ↑instance, ↑instruction, ↑insurance, ↑intelligence, ↑introduction, ↑job, ↑justification, ↑leadership, ↑lesson, ↑lever, ↑leverage, ↑lifeline, ↑light, ↑lighting, ↑link, ↑livelihood, ↑living, ↑loan, ↑look, ↑maintenance, ↑management, ↑manpower, ↑margin, ↑means, ↑measure, ↑mechanism, ↑ministry, ↑model, ↑momentum, ↑money, ↑motivation, ↑motive, ↑music, ↑narrative, ↑nourishment, ↑nutrition, ↑opening, ↑opportunity, ↑option, ↑outlet, ↑outline, ↑overview, ↑package, ↑parallel, ↑password, ↑pension, ↑perspective, ↑physiotherapy, ↑pleasure, ↑point, ↑pointer, ↑portrayal, ↑power, ↑precedent, ↑pretext, ↑proof, ↑protection, ↑quotation, ↑range, ↑ration, ↑reading, ↑reason, ↑reassurance, ↑receipt, ↑recommendation, ↑reconnaissance, ↑record, ↑recruit, ↑reference, ↑reflection, ↑refreshment, ↑refuge, ↑refund, ↑reinforcement, ↑relief, ↑remedy, ↑reminder, ↑report, ↑representation, ↑reprieve, ↑reproduction, ↑research, ↑resolution, ↑resource, ↑respite, ↑result, ↑return, ↑review, ↑reward, ↑role, ↑safeguard, ↑sample, ↑sanctuary, ↑satisfaction, ↑scope, ↑seating, ↑security, ↑sense, ↑service, ↑session, ↑setting, ↑shade, ↑shelter, ↑shield, ↑short cut, ↑snack, ↑solace, ↑solution, ↑soundtrack, ↑source, ↑space, ↑spark, ↑specification, ↑specimen, ↑spur, ↑stability, ↑standard, ↑starting point, ↑statistics, ↑stimulation, ↑stimulus, ↑storage, ↑subsidy, ↑substitute, ↑suggestion, ↑summary, ↑supervision, ↑supplement, ↑supply, ↑support, ↑taste, ↑test, ↑testimony, ↑text, ↑tip, ↑tool, ↑training, ↑translation, ↑transport, ↑transportation, ↑treatment, ↑troops, ↑tuition, ↑turning point, ↑tutorial, ↑understanding, ↑update, ↑value, ↑ventilation, ↑venue, ↑verification, ↑view, ↑viewpoint, ↑visibility, ↑vitamin, ↑volunteer, ↑voucher, ↑warmth, ↑warning, ↑warranty, ↑wealth, ↑yardstick

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